LonelyPop Integration with Chainlink VRF

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LonelyPop, an NFT collection and community centered around the artistic expression of loneliness, is thrilled to announce its integration with Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF).

This integration of LonelyPop with Chainlink VRF will help ensure a fair and verifiably random NFT reveal for all LonelyPop NFT minters regardless of whether they participate in public, private, or private, or Dutch Auction sales.

Introduction to LonelyPop

This creation is to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and, specifically, the challenges of loneliness. Indeed, they built this art-centered project to gather a community around one central message — let’s be lonely together. Similarly, by holding a LonelyPop NFT, you become a member of the LonelyPop family, community, and ecosystem.

This means creating safe spaces where members of the LonelyPop family can chat, share ideas, and begin building meaningful long-term relationships. Furthermore, LonelyPop NFTs provide a common ground and support people in making lifelong connections. That’s why it’s so essential they make a great start with the LonelyPop NFTs — and that begins with the distribution and reveal.

The Role of Verifiable Randomness in LonelyPop

They made Chainlink VRF a core component of the LonelyPop NFT minting structure.

  • Value transparency and fairness
  • RNG is random and can not be manipulated

However, it combines block data that is still unknown when the request is made with the oracle node’s pre-committed private key to generate. Both a random number and a cryptographic proof. The intelligent NFT LonelyPop contract will only accept the random number input if it has valid cryptographic proof. The cryptographic proof can only be generated if the VRF process is tamper-proof. It provides its users with automated and verifiable assurances. Directly on-chain that the shuffling of NFT images using Chainlink VRF is undeniably random, fair, and not tampered with by the oracle outside entities or the LonelyPop or 0xStudio team.

LonelyPop Public Mint is now Live!

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the industry standard for building, accessing, and selling oracle services needed to power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain.

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About LonelyPop

LonelyPop is an NFT collection and community centered around the artistic expression of loneliness. LonelyPop is the flagship project of Noinah and 0xStudio.

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