NerveNetwork Implemented Crosschain Bridges for SmartBCH

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NerveNetwork is in partnership with SmartBCH as NerveNetwork has joined the SmartBCH ecosystem.

NerveNetwork will provide cross-chain support for the projects on the SmartBCH chain to interact with other blockchains. And the Nerve team will import and deploy more blockchain projects in the SmartBCH network in the future.

At present, they have completed the following regarding this cross-chain integration:

  • SmartBCH network cross-chain module is added to Nerve to support the SmartBCH cross-chain protocol. The Nerve decentralized cross-chain smart contract is deployed in SmartBCH network.
  • NerveNetwork supports SmartBCH network assets to cross chain to Nerve.
  • NerveBridge supports the cross-chain transfer of SmartBCH network assets.
  • The Nerve explorer supports cross-chain asset inquiry of the SmartBCH network.
  • The NerveBridge cross-chain DApp will support cross-chain SmartBCH assets. Currently, we already have Ethereum, BSC, Heco, OKC, Polygon, Harmony, Tron, KCC, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimisim, Fantom, IoTeX, Metis, Klaytn, and NULS.

Quote from SmartBCH

“SmartBCH aims to build a new playgroung for Bitcoin cash’s ecosystem and enlarge the user base. EVM&Web3 compatatible and has short block interval to support DeFi applications.

The throughput will be as large as one billion gas every 15 seconds to allow more users practice DeFi at very low cost.

Earning extra reward for Bitcoin cash’sminers and holders,who can elect smart Bitcoin cash’svalidators with hash power and locked coins,respectively.

Develop trustless non-custodian two-way pegged gateways,which can support any kinds of side chains of Bitcoin cash for securely transferring BCH bidirectionally .This enables Bitcoin cash to include more side chains for a richer ecosystem.”

About SmartBCH

Smart Bitcoin Cash is a sidechain for Bitcoin Cash and has an aim to explore new ideas and unlock novel.

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About Nerve Network

Nerve Network is a decentralized digital asset network, based on the NULS service framework. They uses the blockchain cross-chain interaction protocol developed and built using the NULS-ChainBox. They provides a better, safer, and low-cost Defi application service for all digital asset holders.

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