AGG Partners with gDEX Metaverse!

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Avisa Games Guild has strategically partnered with gDEX Metaverse, a Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform and Exchange.

This partnership would play a pivot role in the development of their platform and the way their scholars statistically track their gaming activities and earnings on their platform.

Benefits of this partnership with gDEX Metaverse

1. Early adopter of gDEX’s Guild Management Tool

This partnership would fuel AGG into being an early adopter of the gDEX guild management tool and pre-plan the ideology of implementing this tool into the AGG platform in the coming feature.

This tool would allow all the AGG members to have access to an easy, one click, & hassle-free dashboard allowing them to keep track of all their activities while playing to earn on the AGG Network.

2. Improve the overall community user-experience

gDEX’s futuristic Guild management tool would power them into achieving more traction amongst their competitors and enable them into gaining an energetic community of gamers worldwide.

AGG intends to promote P2E games amongst all the enthusiastic youth worldwide giving them a hand full of opportunities to earn while they game and gDEX’s Guild management tool would help us develop a user-friendly user interface, that would help all the members including the fresh members exploring the metaverse.

“Gaming Guild’s are a crucial part of the P2E revolution and in order to maintain a good strategic relation with their scholars we must have a user-friendly interface, which is why we believe that their partnership with gDEX would boost the overall relationship with their scholars through the implementation of its gDEX guild management tool on their platform.” — Said the founders of Avisa Games Guild

About gDEX Metaverse

gDEX Metaverse is a unique play to earn platform, prioritised towards powering gamers, creators and gaming guilds in the metaverse.

Peculiarities of gDEX’s Guild Management Tool

Scale the guild business seamlessly across games and chains.

Manage and track scholars and relevant guild accounts on an easy-to-use, intelligent dashboard.

Treasury Dashboard with intelligent visualization provides detailed reporting on overall guild activity, revenue, with export-to-csv.

Mint guild NFTs for members with metadata & guild access management.

Guild earnings are protected with Gnosis multi-sig integration.

About Avisa Games Guild

Avisa Games Guild (AGG) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a gaming hub primarily focused towards investing into non-fungible tokens (NFT) that are essentially used within virtual worlds and blockchain based games.

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