Penguin Karts Partners with MetaRun!

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Penguin Karts is excited to announce its latest partnership with MetaRun, the first endless mobile runner game with NFT assets.

You know by now the Penguin Karts team is hyped about the possibilities of interoperability and the opportunities that Blockchain NFT gaming opens up to maximise users’ experiences across games!

The MetaRun team shares this dame excitement and so they’re going to lock their designers and devs away in a cupboard until they come up with something amazing to realise this vision!

Watch this space for more updates on this exciting collaboration.

Overview of Metarun

Metarun is the World’s first blockchain-based Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn endless mobile runner game.

They combine the best of traditional and crypto gaming. Built on Unreal Engine, Metarun brings the high-end quality graphics, game mechanics and combines it with blockchain, making it stand apart from the current runner games.

They don’t only allow you to play and earn for your time spent on the game through its single player mode but also gives you the fun and excitement of a competitive game through its PvP mode.

Metarun magnifies the gaming experience by emancipating users from the lack of control over In-game assets, for instance, character skins and the financial economy, by leveraging NFTs and Blockchain in its native mobile game anchored by an assets powered economy. Metarun offers true ownership of assets by incorporating NFTs and a marketplace built to support its ecosystem, which is fuelled by its own native token $MRUN and in-game virtual currency OPAL.

Game’s Main Features

1. Competitive Free-to-play endless mobile runner.

2. World’s first play-to-earn mobile runner.

3. PVE and PVP game modes.

4. Own your assets. Absolute asset ownership with NFTs.

5. 45 Unique characters with Super-powers to counters demons on the run.

6. Upgradable NFT characters.

7. Detailed and Interactive map environment.

8. First runner game with Multiplayer mode.

9. F2P mode for Non-Crypto users.

About MetaRun

First blockchain-based P2E and P2W endless mobile runner game with NFT assets. Start your endless journey in the PvE or PVP game modes. Race, complete levels, get rewards and earn $MRUN tokens while playing your favourite game.

Website | Twitter

About Penguin Karts

As a first of it’s kind battle-racing Play-to-Earn game, Penguin Karts aims to reinvent the blockchain gaming experience for users of all ages looking to earn crypto. Players can start earning immediately, whether through skilled gameplay, wagers, contributions to the ecosystem or by collecting and trading their playable NFTs.

It’s their mission to develop a game that everyone can experience. They’ve also designed the game to be easy to pick up yet hard to master, with addictive and entertaining gameplay suited for players of all skill levels. The better you are, the more you can earn.

Website | Twitter



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