Agoraverse Integration with Neko Wallet

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Agoraverse, the Shopping center Metaverse on Solana, has announced its integration with Neko Wallet, a non-custodial multi-chain wallet exclusively designed for NFT degens and Web3 gamers.

This integration of Agoraverse with Neko wallet will get ready for a unique user experience for blockchain gamers and degen traders!

The Agora: Shopping Center Metaverse

The Agora is an immersive virtual shopping center supported by the blockchain. A Metaverse where one can experience a brand new way to shop online whether that be for real objects or digital ones. A first of its kind.

What is in the Agora ?

The Agora will feature clothing shops, furniture stores, art shops, including NFTs and any use case that fits with the Metaverse. Moreover, it will also feature mini-games & leisure areas like restaurants, bars & clubs for roleplayers and gamers, in order to make your stay as enjoyable as can be.

What is a metashop ?

A metashop is a shop inside the Agora. It is owned by a brand or an individual that sells digital or material goods. Moreover, one can become the owner of a store for a monthly subscription fee on our website.

What is Agoraverse ?

Agoraverse is the platform on which you can tailor your metashop before uploading it to the Agora. Hence, after subscribing to Agoraverse. Users will get access to the platform and be able to start building your web 3.0 environment.

Introduction to Neko Wallet

Neko Wallet is a non-custodial multi-chain wallet exclusively designed for NFT and Web3 games. While, the wallet’s interface is tailored for NFT storage and dApp interaction.

What does Neko offer?

Their goal is to eliminate all the hassle and obstacles that general crypto users face when investing in blockchain assets.

  • All Necessary Investment Tools ,including Market Information, Full Aggregator Protocol, and Non-custodial Wallets for tokens and NFTs.
  • Intuitive User Interface and User Experience that streamlines the investment process.
  • Multi-chain Support & Cross-chain Swap capability allow seamless access to investment opportunities on all blockchain ecosystems.

Their vision is to become the default option for general crypto users when investing in blockchain assets.

About Neko Wallet

Neko is the world’s first cryptocurrency investment mobile app that offers both non-custodial wallets and full aggregator that sources liquidity from both CEXes and DEXes to provide users access to more than 6000 tokens and cross-chain swap capability.

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About Agoraverse

Agoraverse is the platform on which you can tailor your metashop before uploading it to the Agora or to your website or socials.

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