Polygen Announces Partnership with Panther Quant

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This means that Panther Quant will be organizing a fixed private raise on the Polygen platform featuring a whitelist of supporters of the NFT marketplace.

Why is Polygen working with Panther Quant

Panther Quant is redefining the Web3, Trading & NFT space by being the first NFT Marketplace for trading strategies integrated with a Layer 2 Algo-Platform that will act as an aggregator across CEX/DEX/DeFi playfields.

Features they are fond of:

  • Here, traders can convert their effective strategies into NFT and trade with users on our platform and earn rewards per transaction as NFT Creators.
  • The platform has an advanced AI and ML algorithm developed that conducts real-time sentiment analysis to make informed decisions.
  • Auto compound yield will allow users to safeguard funds when connecting the wallets and decide to auto compound.
  • DEX Arbitrage with Flash loan automates DEX arbitrage, scans flash loan opportunities, executes orders automatically after calculating the Liquidity & Price Differentiation.

Meet Panther Quant Native Token — $PNTQ

PNTQ is the platform’s native currency with the following functions:

  • The Token will serve as a means to earn rewards for staking, holding, airdrops, NFT creators, Bug Bounty contests etc.
  • It will be a payment method to KOLs, LPs, Hackathons etc.
  • It is also a Governance token confers power to the community to influence certain project decisions.
  • Serves as transaction and redistribution charges within the ecosystem.

“Panther Quant’s utility is very interesting to me. Using Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze the real time market sentiments that help users and creators hyper-optimize their trading strategies is going to minimize loss and help users and creators share successful strategies. And in turn, it’ll guide others to make informed decisions, and profit from it as well” — George Absher, Polygen COO

Key dates:

AMA @ Polygen — June 21st, 1 PM UTC

AMA @ PantherQuant — June 24th, 1 PM UTC

WL open — June 21st, 5 PM UTC

WL closed — June 26th, 5 PM UTC

Raise Opens — June 28th, 1 PM UTC

Raise Closes — June 29th, 1 PM UTC

About Panther Quant

Panther Quant is the world’s first ever NFT marketplace for trading strategies built on BNB smartchain seamlessly integrated with an AI based Layer 2 platform for the CEX/DEX/DeFi playfield.

Website | Twitter

About Polygen

Polygen is a decentralized, permissionless launchpad natively built for Polygon. Guided by crypto’s ethos of decentralization, Polygen enables projects to experiment and innovate free from the obstruction of gatekeepers — anyone can launch any project with no fees. Its goal is to set a new benchmark where projects are valued by their productivity, innovation, and success rate.

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Total Trading Volume 24h: $50.32B(-3.32%/24h)
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