Outlanders Upcoming IDO on Oxbull!

Outlanders Upcoming IDO on Oxbull!

OxBull has announced its upcoming IDO with Outlanders, the world’s first open-world MMORPG utilizing blockchain technology.


To buy Outlanders, a Free-to-play and Play-to-earn Open-World MMORPG Game built on the Unity and WebGL frameworks.

1. Hold the minimum required OXB amount for Smart-Stake before 23rd June 2022, 0001 UTC.

2. head over to the BSC pool page to buy on the 25th June 2022, 1630UTC onwards.

For full details, read on:

Whilst being one of the world’s most popular gaming genres, an MMORPG paired with an Open-world concept is exactly what the fully DOXXED Team behind Outlanders hopes to deliver. Leveraging on potential earning opportunities, Outlanders aims to bridge the gap between blockchain-based gaming and the huge pool of gamers that have no blockchain-related experience. Instead of having to fiddle with setting up a wallet before being able to access the game, the team introduces earn now, connect later, where gamers can immediately immerse themselves in a play-to-earn environment and connect their Web3 wallet later to tap into their rewards. This innovative model also incentivize blockchain-related learning among the vast global gaming audience.

Entering the Outlands

This endeavor also marks the first play-to-earn game launched with Nakamoto Games SDK, a plug-and-play tool for developers to deploy their gaming creations and earn a lifetime income from serving these games to the Nakamoto Games community. (Nakamoto Games token $NAKA will be required to access the broad functionalities that are possible after users connect their Web3 wallet.)

Essentially, The launch of Outlanders will also lay the groundwork for additional high-profile gaming applications to be launched with the Nakamoto Games SDK.

Every in-game victory leads to a unique crypto asset drop in the form of an NFT or or valuable in-game items, For more info about the project and gameplay, view the detailed whitepaper here.


Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 $LAND

  • Angel: 3%, 5% to be locked for 4 months, 12 months linear release to start 150 days after Token Generation
  • Seed sale: 6% , 5% to be locked for 2 months, 12 months linear release to start 90 days after Token Generation
  • Private sale: 10%, 10% to be locked for 1 month, 10 months linear release to start 60 days after Token Generation
  • Public IDO: 1%, 50% to be released during Token Generation, followed by 25% each 30 days
  • Build and Grow Reserve/Rewards: 20%
  • Guild and Community Incentive Fund: 20%
  • Marketing Funding: 15%
  • Operational Reserves: 10%
  • Team and Contributors: 15%

IDO Price: $0.012
Listing Price: $0.012

Listing date is currently being planned in July.

Participating in the IDO

To find out more about how to participate in the IDO on the day itself, read here. Using the Smart Staking approach to Oxbull.Tech’s IDO model, The IDO details as follows:

ShibafriendNFT Upcoming IDO on Oxbull!

Tier-1 and 2 Qualifying Deadline: Hold OXB by 23rd June, 0001UTC
Tier-1 Contribution: 25th June 2022
Tier-2 and 3 Contribution: 26th June 2022
Tier-3 Gleam Link: To be released
Contribution opens here: https://www.oxbull.tech/#/presale

Claiming the Tokens:

Upon TGE, token claims can be done manually via Token Claim.

Any unclaimed tokens will be accumulated for future claims.

Please follow the official Oxbull telegram group for further details of the claim time and changes, if any.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Qualification of Tier-1 and 2 will require ENROLLING SMART STAKING. In the event where an Investor who has not enrolled in Smart Staking but has the required number of holdings SHALL NOT be eligible for the aforementioned tiers.

Each qualified address will only be eligible for ONE transaction. Meaning if an address is qualified for tier 1, they will not be qualified for tier 2.

About Outlanders

Outlanders is an adventure game where players fight monsters and other players for territorial dominance. Every entity defeated leads to a unique crypto asset drop in the form of an NFT or or valuable in-game item.

Website | Twitter

About Oxbull

OxBull is the launchpad and startup incubator developed by a group of talented and avant-garde tech enthusiasts, and was launched in February 2021.

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