TheCrunks are Migrating to Polygon

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TheCrunks has decided to migrate on Polygon by joining with OnePlanet also recently migrated and become a dedicated marketplace for all migrating Terra NFT projects to the Polygon ecosystem.

After having great conversations with OnePlanet about their plans to bring not only Terra NFT projects but Terra NFT culture to Polygon, TheCrunks decision as to where to migrate became a lot easier.  Not only are they confident the technical migration will be seamless, but the opportunity to work together with OnePlanet and other former Terra NFT projects to recapture some of that Terra NFT vibe is ripe for the pickin.

Moreover, TheCrunks highly encourage all Terra NFT projects looking to make a move to take the opportunity to talk to OnePlanet about what they plan on offering in terms of migration and community-building support.

Check out The Meta Effect where they took a deep dive into OnePlanet’s plan to support the migration of Terra NFT projects to Polygon.

TheCrunks is looking forward to a new opportunity to finally be able to deliver dopeness to all its holders. As well as to help grow a new NFT culture and vibe within the vast Polygon ecosystem.

About TheCrunks

META COLLECT is a Web3 company focused on building NFT brands.

TheCrunks are the creators of Finney, Mongs, The Crunks + NFT art marketplace, UNDRGRND. Our vault consists of BAYC #8855, Gutter Cat #1542, Gutter Dog #1037, Gutter Rat #410, Gutter Pigeon #1645, DeadFellaz #6841 & #619 + metaverse land in The Otherside and Sandbox.

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About OnePlanet

OnePlanet will migrate to Polygon in the coming months, becoming the dedicated marketplace for all migrating Terra NFT projects to the Polygon ecosystem.

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