Palmare Strategic Partnership with Unimaxpad

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Palmare has partnered with Unimaxpad, a Platform determined to create value by incubating promising Web 3.0 & De-Fi Projects.

Web 3.0 envisages a decentralized system with potent computation resources and Artificial Intelligence functionality, where data creators and generators are independent of any significant entity to function. Web 3.0 ecosystem will be driving the new wave of the Internet with incontrovertible benefits in Gaming, Media, Storage, Security, etc. Blockchain with the integration of Web 3.0, has enabled platforms and services to go decentralized. Over the next decade, Machines will grow Smarter & Less Tangible with the added Support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT).

Web 3.0 exemplifies a paradigm shift for the Technological revolution — toward a user-focused, decentralized and captivating online experience. This new technology is being consciously premeditated to address ubiquitous, possibly problematic issues integral to today’s internet, and will create an online ecosystem in which human-centric and personalized interactions are the standard. Through it’s decentralized approach, It will enable billions of people to have a personalized and tailored browsing experience. While Web 3.0 will harken a new era of interconnected Internet of Things (IoT) devices and multiplatform interoperability, the data stored and shared on this new internet will also be more secure and flexibly applied than current web data. This rich experience empowers each individual to have full control over their data and hence integrating the Internet exponentially into their daily lives. But this is only possible by deploying a myriad number of enablers that involves incubating and supporting innovative projects & dApps.

To bring things more into perspective, Unimaxpad is one such driving force. Unimaxpad is the next generation of advanced Launchpad that supports rapid development & incubation of High Potential Web 3.0 Projects. Every project is handpicked and meticulously vetted with guaranteed allocation for Stakers and Holders. Unimaxpad not only acts as a launchpad but also offers a complete bouquet of services that any startup project needs.


Unimaxpad’s mission is to create value for promising projects and Investors.

The Projects gets benefit through Incubation, Technical, Marketing, Branding & Legal support, and most importantly access to their VCs & KOL Network.

Investors get benefited through IDO Allocations in Public & Private Rounds, Staking, Farming & Holding.


To create an avenue for Web 3.0 projects and provide resources to support their development empowered by their Technical expertise and strong partner network. With the capability of Multi-Chain Network Integration (MCNI), Unimaxpad will create a micro-ecosystem that will help induct the world into the development and use of the Web 3.0 Applications through Operational Transparency, Utility convergence, Strong Community Support & Innovation.


Unimaxpad will be the next-gen Launchpad for Web 3.0 projects enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized and interoperable ecosystem based on the Multi-Chain Network. With Unimaxpad, Web3.0 & De-Fi projects will be able to raise and exchange investments inexpensive and fast. Investors will be able to participate in a secure and acquiescent environment and to use assets that go way beyond the current standard which has led to many Rug Pulls, Hence making community protection a priority. Each project will be KYCed for ensuring the authenticity and safety of our community’s investment. Each project that we select for launch will be introduced to the community with a well-researched report.

Furthermore, Unimaxpad supports cross-chain projects and provides better connectivity across multiple blockchain networks & protocols with the help of Binance’s cross-chain protocol. This feature augments the chances that the launchpad will connect to multiple blockchain networks to gain momentum with a large pool of investors for different blockchain networks to contribute to the growth of New Projects. Its cross-chain compatibility allows users to $UMAX tokens for different projects from different networks for continuous investment.

Project Selection Criteria

As a platform intended to provide access to the Web 3.0 / De-Fi projects, Unimaxpad will focus on quality over quantity — Unimaxpad do thorough due diligence by considering the overall aspect of each project that includes –

1. Technical Capability

2. Team Experience

3. Potential Market

4. DApp Innovation

5. Tokenomics & Vesting

6. Development Phase

7. Value add Preposition

8. KYC Compliance

9. Project Governance

Incubation Program

With the explosive growth of new projects being IDOed on daily basis on Multiple Platform, The quality of projects have been compromised. Unimaxpad’s Incubator program will select and support only the high potential teams and projects, giving them a “Sheltered’ status across the huge open ecosystem of launchpads. With their Incubation program, The Promising projects will have access to the following :

Technical Support — Unimaxpad can help the projects with Contract Creation & Auditing

Marketing / Branding support — UMAX team has industry experts who have led Marketing divisions of Big Corporations

Legal — The legal team of UMAX can help in all aspects of contracting, KYC, Documentation and counter-specific regulations

Development — The devs of UMAX can help project in all aspects such as Testing, Deployment, Migration, etc.

Fundraising — UMAX has good connections with KOLs and influencers in the industry who can invest in the project

Multi-Chain — UMAX can help the project to launch on any EVM-compatible chain.

Team — The core team of UMAX have prior experience in the Blockchain Industry, so they can understand the project’s requirements better

Tokenomics Design & Vesting — Unimax Team can support the projects with an impressive Tokenomics and Vesting Design to attract huge number of Investors.

About Unimaxpad

Unimaxpad is a next generation of advanced Launchpad that supports rapid development & incubation of High Potential Web 3.0 Projects.

Unimax offers a complete bouquet of services that any startup project needs like Branding, Technical, Legal, Marketing, Funding and more…

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About Palmare

Palmare is a community-driven Web3 Sports App with an inbuilt SocialFi and SportFi element. In Palmare, each user profile is a token itself. Users create a profile on the app, for which they will mint an ID’d profile NFT. This NFT controls the profile, and thus, its owner becomes the controller of the given profile.

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