Socialogue Collaboration with Trush

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Socialogue, the social NFT marketplace, announced its collaboration with Trush, the first scalable DeFi banking protocol with the most user-friendly U.I. on the Solana ecosystem by evolving cryptocurrency into reality together with Web3.

Partnership HighLights

Through this collaboration of Socialogue with Trush, they hope to find lasting solutions to issues facing the crypto and blockchain sector in general.

This partnership is based on the belief that they are stronger together. By working together with the Trush team, the Socialogue team could benefit from an efficient payment method that allows users to efficiently buy and sell NFTs via crypto. Additionally, the Trush team could share ideas and technical knowledge on how to improve the scalability and efficiency of the Socialogue NFT marketplace.

Another benefit of working with Trush is that it aims to simplify blockchain technology. While a lot of progress has been made in this sector, a majority of the world has still never interacted with the blockchain. That means there is room for massive growth in this sector. By working with a protocol dedicated to reaching the masses, I could prove beneficial for the Socialouge NFT marketplace when it comes to growing user numbers.

Introduction to Trush

Trush is a next-generation DeFi protocol built on the Solana blockchain. It was designed from the ground up to offer better scalability, transparency, intelligence, and simplicity to users of DeFi protocols. Moreover, Trush aims to be the future of DeFi by embracing existing problems and finding lasting solutions to them. As a result, users can operate in a safe environment that offers a great user experience.

Trush aims to ensure that everyone can benefit from the financial opportunities presented by the DeFi sector.

The protocol also simplifies and demystifies blockchain technology via Trush Payments. This feature allows users to make real-time crypto-asset transfers without any inconvenience. Trush has the goal of disrupting the financial sector and creating a world where everyone can enjoy the benefits that the financial sector has to offer.

In short, Trush aims to make blockchain technology accessible to as many people as possible. It aims to improve the performance of blockchain protocols without compromising user privacy. Its founder, Ayhan Gurek, believes that people are more powerful when they work together.

About Socialogue

Socialogue is the first launched Social NFT Marketplace with zero gas fee on Ethereum Blockchain.

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About Trush

Trush is the first DeFi banking protocol dedicated to speed, transparency, intelligence, and simplicity. Moreover, Trush strives to be the next successor of DeFi by embracing the current significant problems. Ensuring users of an extremely safe environment, and contributing to the necessity of user experiences.

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