Icons of Theia Game Joins gDEX Metaverse

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gDEX Metaverse is thrilled to announce partnership with Icons of Theia Game, a competitive tactical turn-based strategy game.

In its mission to build a hub for gamers, creators, and guilds to collaborate and cohabitate, gDEX is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with Icons of Theia to onboard the game as one of its first games.

Under this new partnership, Icons of Theia will be one of the earliest games to join the gDEX Metaverse, leveraging gDEX’s capabilities to enable interoperability across their game while also taking full advantage of gDEX’s metaverse passport and metahub features to enrich the gaming experience of their players.

What is the Icons of Theia?

Icons of Theia is a turn-based strategy game. Set in the fantasy world of Theia, players will battle with each other in tactical, strategic matches to gain control over the continent of Aurora. With unique characters paired alongside extensive lore backgrounds, the Icons of Theia promises to be an immersive experience unlike any other. At the same time, they plan to introduce a unique economy system known as “Create to Earn”, which will reward active contributors and creators.

Specializing in creating fun but challenging games in the blockchain, the studio’s main goal is to make everyone’s life a little bit happier through gaming.

What can games do with gDEX?

With gDEX, games can enable true interoperability within their games where their assets can be interoperable not just between individual players, but also between different games and platforms, all thanks to gDEX’s groundbreaking PRISM NFT standards.

Games integrated with gDEX will also be featured in the Games Discovery Zone which is one of the core social elements of the entire gDEX platform along with the Metahub. It can be imagined as a Web3 Steam-alike web/desktop application offering users a single destination to discover and play a variety of exciting integrated games.

On the community building and scaling front, there is the Metahub, which is an interface within gDEX that allows players and guilds to start their professional gaming careers.

This provides an incentivized way to grow a game while also enhancing the earning potential of its player base.

gDEX Metaverse’s Metahub GameFi Missions

Revolutionizing the world of gaming, one game at a time.

gDEX intends to onboard the next billion users of crypto, and that can only happen with a critical mass of quality games available for users to choose from. With that in mind, gDEX is continuously securing new partnerships with creators of both existing and new games to come onboard the gDEX Metaverse.

About gDEX Metaverse

gDEX Metaverse is a unique play to earn platform, prioritised towards powering gamers, creators and gaming guilds in the metaverse.

Website | Twitter 

About Icons of Theia Game

Theia Studios is a team of experienced tech founders and game industry veterans building Theia, a decentralized strategy game ecosystem driven by competition and community content creation. The first game in Theia is Icons of Theia, a competitive tactical turn-based strategy game.

Website | Twitter



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