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Arkania Protocol – a platform dedicated to the growth and innovation of the crypto world, has entered a strategic partnership with Psalms Capital.

Arkania Protocol strive to introduce commendable projects and collaborations to the crypto community and bring significant players in the decentralized sphere under one umbrella. Under the essence of progression and innovation, they are delighted to announce their latest partnership with the top-notch platform, Psalms Capital.

Arkania acts as the initial link between new projects and the community before the projects mature and go fully public. They aim is to attract the finest projects and blockchain masterminds while connecting them with enthusiastic and passionate investors.

Arkania has looked at other launchpads in the market and has come up with a few distinct services that helps both the projects and its potential users:

Multi-chain: No matter what the project or the user’s native blockchain is, all can access the services.

Whale Wallets: No private sales means everyone has a chance, not just a few elite to buy all the tokens.

Cost-Effective: Extremely low cost for the projects to list and economical for users to take part in sales.

Secure: Robust security with anti-scam protocols.

Simple: Simplicity is key in Arkania. No complex knowledge is necessary for users to use or navigate the platform.

Psalms Capital Mission

Their Mission is to provide connections between Launchpads, VC’s,CEX,DEX,KOL’s,Marketmakers and Crypto Projects.

Psalms Capital Vision

Their Vision is to be the most affordable, reliable and trusted advisors, partners and crypto news site around the asia.

How Arkania and Psalms Capital will Help the Crypto Community?

Psalms Capital is an established research and advisory firm that lends its expert services to blockchain projects and other crypto platforms. Psalms Capital facilitates its clients by teaming them with potential launchpads, market makers, crypto projects and VCs.

As always Arkania aims to accelerate engagement and progression for its community and this strategic partnership will offer anchor support to Arkania’s long-term vision. By collaborating with Psalms Capital, potential projects will be able to find their way swiftly to Arkania. Psalms Capital’s advisory services will help in filtering the best projects for investors to be featured on Arkania Launchpad as an IDO.

This strategic partnership is not just about giving a boost to their platform and services but goes much beyond. The collaboration, though definitely benefiting Arkania Protocol, has much larger implications. With the help of Psalms Capital and Arkania, potentially high-profile projects will have the chance to conduct their token sales on their platform.

Their ever eager users who are willing to invest in financially viable projects will have a chance to back these projects. At the same time, these projects will have a lesser burden on them from a marketing or outreach point of view as their platform will provide them with the right audience.

Arkania Protocol Interviews

Matyas Dousa: “As a team member, сan you tell me about your role in the ICO project?”

Founder & CMO in Arkania Protocol:

Award-winning CMO. Serial tech entrepreneur. CEO & Director of Marketing in, a rapidly growing European start-up. Works with multiple projects in the crypto-space creating marketing and brand building strategies. Experiences with investors and VCs across the world.

What do you think about idea?
Building upon the largest industry issues of token launches, Arkania gives its users a completely different project launching experience. With the secure environment of a decentralized setup but merged with the comfort and ease of a centralized one, Arkania gives both investors and project developers a one-of-a-kind platform that caters to their most basic needs.

About Psalms Capital

Psalms Capital is one of those firms that facilitates different crypto projects, including VCs, CEX, DEX, and KOLs with connections and helps in accelerating engagement between such platforms.

With Psalms Capital, projects and startups can have the most affordable and trustable advisory services on the go.

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About Arkania Protocol

Arkania Protocol is a revolutionary platform that keenly links potential projects with the crypto community. The platform offers exceptional bridging services to developers and investors to find their desired projects.

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