Palmare Partnership with Galaxy Blitz

Published on: 04.07.2022

Palmare Partnership with Galaxy Blitz — to make NFT Games more accessible for the users.

Galaxy Blitz is the upcoming Play-To-Earn strategy NFT game where they combine the use of real-world, usable tokens with high-octane gameplay and extensive history and lore for a unique player experience. And now announcing Palmare Partnership with Galaxy Blitz.

The continued push for NFT gaming is incredibly important for a few different reasons. With more riveting gameplay, extensive adoption of crypto technology around the world will surely follow. Additionally, for gamers, NFT gaming gives the power back to them, as they can earn tokens from the time that they spend with their favorite game.

Players will use MIT, their in-game governance token, to buy in-game tokens and NFTs that can be used in the game.

Gameplay: Building Your Strategy

Galaxy Blitz will allow gamers to devise epic combat strategies in order to defeat their enemies on a galactic scale. Strategies will be based around the unique skills and attributes of each of the four factions in the game. With players able to choose to play as the Talus, Centra, Endari or The Scourge, each of which possess their own unique skills, attributes habitats, resources, weapons and features.

Players will fight across space in their own NFT starships, while also engaging in combat on the ground on contested planets. Battling in the depths of space takes place between one-of-a-kind starships with a variety of weapons and combat options. While on land, players can use the unique skills of their NFT Heroes. As well as various weapons and special skills to overcome the defenses of their enemies. The strength and strategic placement of a player’s defensive structures will also determine the outcome of battles. The winners of these epic battles will gain resources from the opposing players.

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About Palmare

eThe introduction of the Move to Earn app has redefined the fitness industry. Palmare app  is based on researching and optimizing the Earning system and bringing a new experience to the sports community. Palmare is a Community-driven Web3 Sports App with an inbuilt SocialFi and SportFi element.

They focus on three types of Earning:

  • Train to Earn each sport you participate in can help you earn by burning calories (for riding a bike or any of your favorite sports)
  • Engage to Earn users contribute content to the sports community and earn back from social engagement (include like, share, follow…)
  • Check in to Earn While users are riding, they can check in lots of places they came by, and for each period of time, They have quests for users to check in as much as they can to earn tokens.

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