GameSol Strategic Partnership with Stream Money

Published on: 11.07.2022
GameSol Strategic Partnership with Stream Money

GameSol, an online multiplayer Robot war game based on the Solana blockchain, announced its strategic partnership with Stream Money, building PlugNPlay Utility transfer protocol for NFT, powered by Solana.

With this strategic partnership of GameSol with Stream Money protocol, the existing token can be wrapped with a utility contract where termination and transferability conditions can be customized.

Introduction to GameSol

To begin with, GameSol introduces a never-before gaming experience combining both blockchain and game mechanics.

Furthermore, GameSol is a virtual universe ahead of time where humans and robots interact. Indeed, the game features a space tour of humankind and their existence on distant planets with all good and evil.

For survival, the human race must travel to two distant planets named Riworo, known as GS-2102, and Gyto, known as GS-2319. Humans will discover these two planets when Earth’s most essential resources are exhausted in 2050.

In 2061, a team of humans reaches the discovered planets to search for life and new habitats. As a result, they realize that the planets’ resources need to be exchange for living. Without one’s resources, the human race will not survive.

Overview of Stream Money

StreamMoney is building a utility transfer protocol layer for digital assets on Solana where conditional ownership of the asset can be transfer.

Stream Money is looking to provide an Infrastructure to power the next generation of NFTs.

With StreamMoney, the token owner can either wrap an existing token with a utility Smart Contract or create a new token with built-in utility transfer functionality.

StreamMoney provides robust SDKs and APIs for developers. To integrate within their environment to get the utility status of NFT i.e. current owner address, use status, etc.

How does it work?

StreamMoney secures tokens by a set of contracts that is deploy on Solana, manages by protocol. While, NFT Owner can simply invoke smart contract. And indeed, initialize contract-owned PDA, sets the rules of the contract, and deposits their NFT to PDA. Borrowers, or customers, can claim the token, and get conditional ownership as parameters set by the issuer.

About GameSol

GameSol is an online multiplayer, P2P, play-to-earn Robo war metaverse game on Solana, managed by $GSL as its utility token.

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About Stream Money

Stream Money is designed to enhance the utility of NFTs to support conditional ownership of utilitarian tokens to facilitate in-game assets, tickets, subscriptions, certifications, and much more. The protocol achieves this by wrapping Solana NFTs with a smart contract that creates mechanisms for time, and use-based expiry.

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