Published on: 12.07.2022

Takepile partnership with Balance Capital – Takepile will be integrating USDB, the Swiss Army Knife of stablecoins, at the launch of the Takepile Protocol on the Fantom network.

USDB will be the underlying asset utilized in their first six piles, going live in order once per week after Takepile’s launch: The USDB Pile, USDB-10x Pile, USDB-25x Pile, USDB-50x Pile, USDB-100x Pile and the USDB-200x Pile. To trade on each pile, you’ll convert your USDB into pileUSDB (or pileUSDB-50 when depositing into the USDB-50x Pile, for example), and then you’re ready to trade. And now announcing TakePile partnership with Balance Capital.

Balance has proven themselves as a shining example of what it means to be a passionate, dedicated team of builders, regardless of market conditions, who want to make a positive impact on the DeFi space, making them kindred spirits to them. Balance and Takepile’s collaborative effort to solidify Takepile as a leading decentralized perpetual exchange will bring both of their projects to the next level.

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The Balance Ecosystem is an open-source economy of conjoined banking and commerce initiatives formed in March of 2022 with the unveiling of investment opportunities derived solely from the technical application, maintenance, and consumer use of USDB.

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Takepile is building a simplified, leveled playing field that makes sure trading well is what’s most important. Say goodbye to battling sandwich attacks, exorbitant fees, and slippage. Say hello to fee share, 1x to 200x leverage, competition and more!

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Total Trading Volume 24h: $40.65B(+32.00%/24h)
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