MetaRing Forms Partnership with Forest Knight!

MetaRing Announces Partnership with Forest Knight!

MetaRing by Venly is extremely delighted to announce an official partnership with Forest Knight!

In these uncertain times and markets, it’s a sloppy road to point to a specific Metaverse ‘to rule them all’. Since there are so many different types, projects, companies, ventures, groups and communities that are building on various platforms and blockchains, Venly took the initiative to unite them under one Ring.

MetaRing Forms Partnership with Forest Knight!

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MetaRing Forms Partnership with Forest Knight!
MetaRing Forms Partnership with Forest Knight!

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The MetaRing NFT gives you access to exclusive locations across different virtual lands, platforms and games. The Ring offers unique benefits, unlocks special in-game utilities and early adoption access. One Ring to join them all.

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