NEAR Token Liquid Staking

Published on: 25.07.2022

NEAR token liquid staking has begun and the staking guide is now available powered by Meta Pool. 

With the objective to make $NEAR staking more capital efficient, Claudio and Lucio co-founded Meta Pool. It is the leading liquid staking solution for NEAR and wNEAR tokens holders.

The cornerstone element of Meta Pool is a liquid asset, stNEAR. The tNEAR generates when you stake your $NEAR through Meta Pool. This is calledliquid staking”.

stNEAR is a yield-bearing asset, accruing in value every epoch (~12 hours) meaning that you keep earning staking rewards while you can use it in DeFi, for example as a collateral asset in liquidity protocols.

Meta Pool’s liquid staking solution provides you with the unique opportunity to participate both in staking and in DeFi activities without locking up your $NEAR into the native proof of stake systems.

As the DeFi ecosystem grows, demand for stNEAR is also increasing sharply. Meta Pool sees so many sophisticated and ambitious protocols incorporating stNEAR at the core of their offering as it solidifies its place as the best form of collateral.

Staking vs Liquid Staking + stNEAR

The main key difference Meta Pool staking gives from traditional staking is the number of validator nodes you are delegating your staked $NEAR.

If you decide to stake through the NEAR Web Wallet, you are staking with only 1 validator node that you choose in the validator list. Because of this, most of the $NEAR stake gets listed in the top ten nodes of the network. The concentration of $NEAR in one validator node is not the best outcome for a Layer 1 protocol that wants to improve its censorship resistance and security.

Liquid Staking

Whereas when you liquid stake with Meta Pool, your $NEAR tokens are distributed to 87 validator nodes. This helps decentralize the network and allows new nodes to come into the NEAR Protocol network. Get more exposure to retail $NEAR holders as well.
NEAR Liquid Staking with Meta Pool on NEAR Protocol - Get stNEAR(PHOTO COURTESY OF META POOL)

With the stNEAR, you now have the unique opportunity to simultaneously get the staking yield of your $NEAR. Also, participate in DeFi protocols with stNEAR for additional yield.

After less than a year of existence Meta Pool has a TVL of ~9M $NEAR. It also become a cornerstone element of the NEAR ecosystem. Heavily contributing to its decentralization and to the $NEAR token liquidity.

As a result, stNEAR can be traded and farmed on multiple DeFi platforms such as Trisolaris, and WannaSwap, and can also be used as a collateral asset on lending and borrowing platforms such as BurrowBastion, and Aurigami to receive additional income.

How to Get stNEAR

To get stNEAR you have to liquid stake your $NEAR using the Meta Pool liquid staking platform. Or you can use swaps on DEXs (Ref FinanceBurrowBastionTrisolaris, etc).

ABOUT Meta Pool

Meta Pool is the leading liquid staking solution for $NEAR and wNEAR token holders. Allows users to earn staking rewards and maintain their liquidity to participate in DeFi protocols on NEAR and Aurora.

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