Fomoin Strategic Cooperation with Move Plus!

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Fomoin  is very excited to announce its latest strategic Cooperation with Move Plus!

Project Introduction 

Move Plus is a combination of Move-to-play and Play-to-earn mechanism with a goal to lead millions of people to a healthier lifestyle and bring huge potential customers into crypto. Move Plus paves the way for users to communicate, work out & participate in real-life activities together. They give you the tool you need to become the strongest version of yourself.

Inspired by PokemonGo game, MovePlus not only enhances health but also brings amazing adventure experience for players.

Together, let’s find joy in every movement!

How To Start

1: Download & Install Move Plus App

Android: coming soon

IOS: coming soon

2: Sign up for Move Plus (Closed Beta 1)

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Open MovePlus app
  2. Choose “register your account”
  3. Enter your email and password
  4. Enter the verification code sent to your email
  5. Complete!

3: Create a new Pan Wallet

  1. Go to Pan Wallet homepage and click on “Download”. Choose your preferred browser or mobile application and install the Pan Wallet extension. Pan Wallet supports iOS, Android native apps along with Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge browser extensions.
  2. The app will generate a 12-word secret phrase. This will be used to recover your Wallet if you uninstall the app or forget your password. Important – Note this phrase and save it somewhere safe (Write it down physically and store it somewhere only you will have access to.)

4: Connect your Pan Wallet with your Move Plus account

  1. Open MovePlus app and log in
  2. Choose “Connect Wallet” button

Step 5: Transfer tokens into your in-app Wallet

Transfer MPP Tokens to in-app wallet to buy NFT Smart Band in the Marketplace and transfer some BNB/SOL/LUNA as gas in your Wallet account, depending on which Chain you use.

6: Buy your own NFT Smart Band

  1. Open MovePlus and go to in-app marketplace
  2. Choose your favorite Smart Band
  3. Buy Smart Bands. Make sure you have enough MPP Token & gas fee to purchase


Move Plus is a Healthcare Platform

Move Plus is more than just a Move-to-earn application, they are a Healthcare Platform that provides countless workout plans, nutrition plans and multiple fitness videos for their loyal users.

DAO Voting

Based on an idealization of inheriting the power of MovePlus community, we have developed MovePlus as the only Web3 Healthcare & Lifestyle that integrates DAO Voting System.

Within this feature, players will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite places around the world. The most selected locations will appear in Check-in Quests.

Unique Quests

Move Plus has an unique Quest system. Strictly following the science-based strength training program, the Quest system help users improve strength, endurance and fitness after each week.

Another special thing about Move Plus is our Check-in mission system, which opens up the opportunity to explore the whole new world for players.

Brand Collaboration

Reputable brands, organizations, and fitness KOLs sponsor missions for players to participate in. These are numerous number of various unique challenges… are vividly designed for users to form healthy habits.


Move Plus launches on both Binance Smart Chain, Solona & Terra platform.

About Move Plus

Move Plus is a healthcare – lifestyle platform with GameFi & SocialFi elements to motivate people to move and make more movement.

Website | Twitter

About Fomoin

Fomoin, a launchpad and a free source that presents the world’s most current and comprehensive cryptocurrency airdrops. Fomoin collects comprehensive and up-to-date information about blockchain projects and their fundraising information. By building a relationship network between projects and investors, Fomoin provides an effective channel for the project information display and communication.

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