Merit Circle Collaborates with Saga protocol!

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Merit Circle has partnered with Saga Protocol, a protocol that provides Web3 developers with the tools to launch dedicated blockchains with the same level of ease as deploying a smart contract.

As part of their partnership, Merit Circle has invested $500,000 in the seed round.

What is Saga Protocol?


With the right tools, everything is possible.

Saga gives visionaries the high-end tools and support they need to turn their blockchain dreams into reality.

Saga is a protocol that allows developers to take a single tenant VM and automatically launch it on a dedicated blockchain, complete with fully provisioned validators and an optimally incentivized security structure.


On your own dedicated chain, you don’t have to worry about other applications affecting your gas fees


With dedicated runtime environments guaranteeing close to 100% SLA, their dedicated chains offer higher throughput and performance


Developers deploy only their own apps onto a dedicated chain, allowing for optimal flexibility and upgradability throughout the development cycle.

With the latest developments in blockchain technology, the team behind Saga has set out to redefine the Web3 developer’s toolkit. While many in the crypto community believe that the future of infrastructure is multichain, with sovereign chains freely interacting with one another,developers have found it too hard to establish their own chains. The team at Saga has seen that the constraints of a monolithic ecosystem or blockchain will always eventually restrict a developer and hamper their vision.

Enter the Saga Protocol, which acts as a scalable layer for Web3 infrastructure, allowing not only native Web3 developers but transitioning Web2 developers to seamlessly launch dedicated blockchains. Because developers receive their own blockspace, they can entirely control and predict gas fees. Further, Saga does not require fees to be denominated in the Saga token, allowing for other tokens to accrue value on the application level. In fact, by default no transaction fees are directly charged to the end user, putting monetization firmly in the hands of developers.

An adaptable approach

For GameFi developers, Saga offers access to Web3 infrastructure that best suits their needs. By building on a dedicated chain, games can perform at a much higher level and often at lower costs to the gamer. Some may see these as add-ons, but lack of control over such issues has hindered the success of previous games in the Play-to-Earn space.

In addition, Saga enables interoperability of gaming assets across different chains. When games consider building on their own chain, they often have to think about whether they are excluding themselves from a bigger ecosystem or walling off their game assets and users from larger communities, which can be critical for quality of gameplay and liquidity. Because Saga was built using the Cosmos SDK, it comes equipped with Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC), Cosmos’ interoperability protocol. Saga will also work on integrating bridges for transfer of assets outside of Cosmos.

Eager readers can prepare for the AlphaNet to be launched in the next two months, with the first 50 projects and developers being onboarded through the Saga Innovator Program. Program members will also receive co-marketing with Saga and early access to tools and documentation. Developers that are interested in building on the AlphaNet can sign up by clicking here.

Merit Circle x Saga

They love everything about gaming and taking games to the next level, and they are glad to see this reflected in their partnership with Saga Protocol. Slow throughput, high transaction fees and using multiple tokens can make it less enjoyable for both the player, and the developer. The Saga Protocol focuses on empowering developers with the tools and freedom they need to execute their vision.

“Merit Circle pioneered one of the few truly Web3-native models for gaming and game developers, and they have continued to innovate rapidly on their offerings to the community. We are incredibly honored and excited to partner with them to bring the most fit-for-purpose Web3 infrastructure to their game developers and ultimately welcome the wider gaming community into Web3.” Rebecca Liao — Co-Founder & CEO

About Saga Protocol 

Saga is a protocol that allows developers to take a single tenant VM and automatically launch it on a dedicated blockchain, complete with fully provisioned validators and an optimally incentivized security structure.

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About Merit Circle

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that focuses on developing the play-to-earn (P2E) economy.

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