Palmare x CCTIP.IO Partnership

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Palmare is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with CCTIP.IO, a wallet and one-stop-shop to serve all your crypto needs, allowing you to secure, exchange, and grow your crypto assets.

CCTIP wallet is a simple and secure cryptocurrency wallet that supports 500+ cryptocurrencies and 40+ networks. It also supports Lightning Network for Lightning-Fast Crypto transactions. As a cryptocurrency wallet, it also fulfills more complex integration needs through various tools.

Besides enabling users hold, receive, and exchange cryptocurrencies, CCTIP bots perform various functions such as tip & airdrops on multiple platforms, integrates daily social and community management.

Moreover, CCTIP provides a number of tools for daily tip payment: the tip box, which scans the code to pay tips immediately; the airdrop game, which allows you to win airdrops by playing games; and the sweepstakes tool: Giveaway, which allows you to create giveaways that meet all the business needs.

Their GiveAway tool is on!

It is an easy-to-use tool which can provably fair draw winners with a verified task system. It is an easy-to-use tool which can provably fair draw winners with a verified task system. Currently you are able to check various tasks, for example: like follow, retweet, @ friends, join group etc. through twitter & tg & dc API. And more social medias tasks are supported, such us medium, Instagram and Youtube.

Their product is better than Gleam and it is FREE! We believe it is fantastic feature for both project developers and users.

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About Palmare

The introduction of the Move to Earn app has redefined the fitness industry. Based on this success, they decided to make the Palmare app based on researching and optimizing the Earning system and bringing a new experience to the sports community. Palmare is a Community-driven Web3 Sports App with an inbuilt SocialFi and SportFi element.

In Palmare, each user profile is a token itself. Users create a profile on the app, for which they will mint an ID’d profile NFT. This NFT controls the profile, and thus, its owner becomes the controller of the given profile.

Their app will provide social graph and earning features for Crypto fans and Non-crypto Users. They focus on three types of Earning:

  • Train to Earn each sport you participate in can help you earn by burning calories (for riding a bike or any of your favorite sports)
  • Engage to Earn users contribute content to the sports community and earn back from social engagement (include like, share, follow…)
  • Check in to Earn While users are riding, they can check in lots of places they came by, and for each period of time, We have quests for users to check in as much as they can to earn tokens.

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