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EYWA is a Сross-chain data and liquidity protocol that integrates different blockchains to transfer liquidity and arbitrary data and simplify users’ experience in one network. By providing a single interface, EYWA will unite all decentralised exchanges and provide users unprecedented and instant access to all tokens existing in all blockchains. Thus, allowing them to be easily and quickly exchanged between each other.

In other words, It is an advanced system that aims to simplify the interaction between different blockchain networks and give them first-class opportunities to quickly and cheaply move data and assets across different networks.


EYWA Ecosystem

EYWA is building a cross-chain data network that will be open and decentralised. This network will consist of a set of smart contracts in different blockchains and a native decentralised network of oracles. This ensures that the task of transferring information between blockchain is not limited to only tokens and liquidity but also smart contracts that can transfer codes. The solution will also enable various developers to focus on building the business ideas of their dApps without being distracted by interoperability issues.

EYWA designed a system of decentralised AMM exchanges based on various blockchains, all united in a single interface — so that it can be used as a regular decentralised exchange to process multiple transactions, provide liquidity, and staking. So that each User will be rewarded with an EYWA token.

EYWA oracle network can act as a sidechain that can connect with any blockchains that support smart contracts. This network publishes data about its state and is managed via smart contracts located in any suitable (cheap, decentralized and fast) public blockchain; thus, the oracle network has a distributed consensus.

EYWA created a cross-chain DAO to manage smart contracts of a system distributed in various blockchains. So the decision-making system will be distributed and governed by all holders of the project’s governance token.

EYWA will create a multichain gaseless transaction system where users can make payments to any blockchain and asset they choose as freely as possible.

Outstanding Services for developers and projects

EYWA provide the following outstanding services to apps developer and projects;

developers will be able to create their cross-chain liquidity pools using the Cross-chain Liquidity Protocol.

developers are allowed to move tokens of their projects between blockchains using the EYWA Bridge. Thus, Developers can create bridges for liquidity, cross-chain lending, e.t.c.

will give Defi Developer access to non-custodial liquidity in a cross-chain bridge; hence, liquidity stored in smart contracts as collateral for synthetic assets can be extracted either by the owners or based on a general majority vote of the EYWA DAO.

using the infrastructure and tools laid down by EYWA, Developers can create cross-chain apps easily.

By using synthetic assets, also called wrapped or pegged assets, the EYWA protocol will allow projects to link any two smart contracts in different blockchains, thus implementing remote calls between them.

EYWA will allow developers to join the EYWA developer community, participate in hackathons, receive grants from the EYWA DAO and build the future of Defi together with us.

through a connection between different ecosystems, users can farm, stake or provide yield on any asset on any blockchain they wish and receive a reward for this.

Cross-chain pools without impermanent losses with limited liquidity and increased profitability. Because, the unlimited liquidity is not required for the effective operation of cross-chain pools. So the offer for liquidity providers will be limited and have an attractive yield.

EYWA exchange will allow users to make gasless transactions using any convenient asset to pay transaction fees. Thus providing more flexibility when transacting on defi.

Cross-chain exchanges allow users to freely exchange one native token for another native token in another chain. For example, ETH for BNB or USDT (BSC) for USDC (ETH) using two or even three blockchains. This will be done using a cheap and fast intermediate blockchain.


EYWA has partnered with many blockchain projects such as NEAR Foundation, Harmony One, Aurora, CoinEx, Algorand, and others.

Home to the most creative and inclusive Dapps in the world. Dapp Play Store is the next generational Web3 application store & content management system. Built on various blockchain networks, the first platform to host all dApps uses these technologies. A digital distribution platform utilizing the decentralized infrastructure for software storage and scalability. Due to their decentralization and tokenomics, they are able to reward each dApp that submits their project to the Dapp Play Store with their native token for their participation. Also a peer-to-peer marketplace for decentralized applications. Essentially Dapp Play Store platform provides a comprehensive set of software solutions to run, create, download, monetize and interact with an easy user experience, complete interoperability and with an infinite amount of dApps at your command.

By the virtue of this partnership, EYWA will be joining the family of DApps on the DApp Play Store.

Dapp Play Store is the next generational Web3 application store & content management system. The first platform to house all dApps built on a variety of blockchain networks. A digital distribution platform utilizing the decentralized infrastructure for software storage and scalability.

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BTC Dominance: 39.99%(+0.10%/24h)
ETH Dominance: 20.5%(-0.18%/24h)
Defi Market Cap: $52.37B(-32.83%/24h)
Total Market Cap: $1189.63B(+0.59%/24h)
Total Trading Volume 24h: $52.58B(-26.08%/24h)
ETH Market Cap: $241.24B
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