OptiFi Integration With Notifi Network

Published on: 11.08.2022
OptiFi Integration With Notifi Network

Notifi Network, a messaging infrastructure for dApps to engage with their users in Web3, announced an integration with OptiFi.

Notifi Network is thrilled to announce its latest integration partnership with OptiFi, a derivatives DEX with portfolio margining and delta-neutral AMM vaults on Solana. 

After noticing that the high volatility of crypto was keeping early traders away. OptiFi designs performance-efficient margin and risk management systems to help users hedge the downside risk via options. The platform hasn’t forgotten about native Degen’s and coupled these systems with highly favorable market-making conditions and user-friendly interface for users, ensuring attractiveness to institutions, structured DOVs, and DeFi Degens.

OptiFi is powered by Solana and Serum and is the first derivatives DEX with a portfolio-based margining approach and derivative Automated Market Maker (AMM) with delta-neutral strategies. This means that any user can contribute USDC into the OptiFi AMM vaults to generate passive income while providing continuous liquidity in OptiFi exchange.

With the complex trading opportunities. OptiFi sought high-caliber messaging infrastructure to provide its users with rapid notifications and information on their positions. To do this, they have chosen to integrate with Notifi hereby providing their users with unrivaled access to instantaneous information relating to their positions on OptiFi.

OptiFi’s goals to provide the most capital-efficient derivatives trading platform and lower the risk for newbie traders are greatly enhance through their integration with Notifi.

About OptiFi

OptiFi is the first derivatives DEX with portfolio margining and delta-neutral AMM vaults on Solana. Portfolio Margining nets the overall portfolio risk to enhance capital efficiency, utilized with partial liquidation to ensure fair pricing. Moreover, OptiFi implements delta-neutral derivative AMM, which allows all users to contribute USDC to generate yield.

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About Notifi

Notifi is Twilio for Web3. Notifi simplifies communication across all Web3 messaging channels. The Notifi platform is design with simple APIs for easy integration, customizable, and advanced features for dApps and Web3 applications. Notifi empowers developers to better engage with their users via multichannel communications.

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