Unlockd New Guild Partner: Cosmic Guild

Unlockd New Guild Partner: Cosmic Guild

Unlockd is pleased to announce a new guild partnership with Cosmic Guild.


Cosmic Guild is a project that embraces the metaverse and seeks yield maximization strategies on their guild portfolio while constantly staying ahead of game’s meta changes and new developments.

Cosmic Guild believes in community building and supporting its members in living better lives through play-to-earn crypto games. They are a passionate group of gamers that truly works in empowering gamers to uplift lives. By serving as the gateway platform for gamers and NFT-owners, Cosmic Guild is one of the world’s leading guilds that enables the confluence of capital and talent to meet.

Unlockd is currently focused on offering NFT-backed loan solutions to the GameFi space top drivers, especially to those projects that share their vision of onboarding the new generation of gamers to the blockchain with the same spirit as we do.

Unlockd aim to grow together by encouraging guilds and esports-oriented DAOs with strong communities and diverse gaming portfolios to continually evolve — just like Cosmic Guild.

A partnership that addresses the gaming guilds’ scalability challenges.

P2E gaming has enormous revenue potential, but scaling gaming guilds can be challenging due to the vast operational needs, notably during a bear market when earnings drop drastically.

Cosmic Guild has a portfolio of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) game assets from top-tier crypto games, which it assigns to players. In order to overcome scalability challenges, they need to start approaching these investments from a capital efficiency perspective.

This new partnership contributes to keeping the guild’s growth within a sustainable range by maximizing non-dilutive funding opportunities: Unlockd will offer our liquidity framework for Cosm¡c Guild to unlock the full value of the NFTs they already hold via NFT-backed instant loans.

As a result, they will receive financing to scale their operations and reallocate capital to new games and onboard new scholars, resulting in helping more gamers achieve their dreams of making a living from P2E games.

We’re really excited to partner with Unlockd to be at the frontier of DeFi and GameFi. Maintaining the utility of NFTs while using it as collateral for loans help unlock more value from our portfolio!

— Kenn, Cosmic Guild Co-Founder.

Leveraging their industry expertise

The Cosmic Guild core team has scaled teams in major exchanges and banks that have grown exponentially in the past few years. They come from prestigious crypto companies such as Coinbase, Bithumb and Gemini.

This experience allows them to have a much broader view of the ecosystem, and how industries such as NFTs and DeFi can be combined. Of the latter in particular they are extremely knowledgeable; being able to count on their insights will allow Unlockd to design DeFi solutions tailored to the needs of the main drivers of the gaming economy.

In terms of asset management, much of their focus at the moment is on leveraging the advantages of NFT rental. The natural step, we believe, is to combine these strategies with new liquidity tools based on NFT-backed lending, offered by Unlockd.

From the outcome of these synergies, we can learn a lot — receiving direct feedback from professionals of this caliber is a real privilege.

In addition, thanks to their reputation and good work, they are backed by major investors in the scene, such as Binance Labs, Crypto.com Capital, Alameda Research and Play Ventures among others, as well as well-connected partners and very promising games.

Being able to network with these industry players thanks to Cosmic Guild will be tremendously beneficial for our team and the future of the Unlockd protocol.

Cosmic Guild will receive genesis NFT collection pre-sale WL

In addition to these advantages, Cosmic Guild will receive a significant number of WL slots for the pre-sale of The Lockeys, Unlockd’s genesis collection of NFTs.

More info on The Lockeys launch coming soon!

Some lucky members of the Cosmic Guild community will have exclusive access to the mint before it is open to the public, and will be able to get their hands on an NFT that unlocks early access to mainnet and future features, boosted $UNLK rewards, private community events, DAO governance participation, and much more!

About Unlockd

Unlockd is the decentralized cross-chain protocol that provides democratized NFT liquidity and utility for Art, DeFi, Metaverse, Real World and Gaming.

Unlockd provides instant loans and enables seamless cross-chain borrowing and lending, with Unlockd borrowers can compound their wealth with NFT-backed loans while maintaining 100% of ownership perks.

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About Cosmic Guild

Cosmic Guild (Cosmic) is a community-first guild, where gamers from all over the world come together as one community, united by their love for games.

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