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Crown Capital Trading on Bancor, following whitelisting of Crown Capital community can now trade $CROWN and provide liquidity* on Bancor.

The trading liquidity is 200k BNT and 256k CROWN has been provided in external liquidity protection, which resides in the external liquidity protection vault.

Bancor is the first exchange to have listed CROWN. A few reasons why Crown Capital has used Bancor as its de facto liquidity solution:

  1. Single-sided liquidity: it frees up CROWN’s treasury to fulfill its purpose: buying yield-generating gaming NFTs.
  2. External liquidity protection for CROWN’s community: liquidity providers are protected against the effects of price divergence and rebalancing by the very project they are supporting.
  3. Auto-compounding rewards: Crown Capital will be among the first projects to offer their own rewards program using Bancor’s auto-compounding feature. Unlike conventional rewards campaigns, the $CROWN liquidity providers need not take any actions at all to participate in the program. There are no gas expenses, no claiming, and no restaking actions required.

Crown Capital Trading on Bancor, DAO will generate income for $CROWN holders in a variety of ways through active management of NFTs and treasury assets as well as through earnings and rewards generated within its metaverse businesses inside portfolio P2E economies. In addition, $CROWN holders will benefit from any asset appreciation and/or sale of NFT assets in the portfolio.

What is a whitelisted pool?

Whitelisting is a process that the Bancor DAO goes through to list a token in the protocol.
The Bancor DAO needs to evaluate the project and its token by following the relevant technical guidelines to ensure the token meets the required security standards. A proposal needs to be created and voted upon by the Bancor DAO before the token is approved for deposits and trades in the protocol.

Why do projects whitelist on Bancor?

Bancor’s mission is to reduce barriers to entry, allowing the long tail of user-generated currencies to emerge.

  • Build healthy decentralized liquidity in their native token
  • Provide the token community with a platform for long term LP-ing
  • Single-sided liquidity: Generate Protocol-Owned Liquidity without selling tokens
  • Provide the same level of liquidity at half the cost
  • Coming in Bancor 3: Enable auto-compounding rewards that deepen token liquidity from day one

About Crown Capital

Crown Capital is a DAO focused on direct investment and maximizing yield from its portfolio of income producing NFT assets in top blockchain game economies.

Website | Twitter

About Bancor

Bancor is only DeFi trading and staking protocol with Single-Sided Liquidity.




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