Router Protocol Partnership with ZokshPay

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Router Protocol Partnership with ZokshPay, Reimagine Cross-chain Swaps with Router’s JS SDK and Asset-swap API.

At Router Protocol, they are building the infrastructure required to facilitate cross-chain communication and catalyze the evolution of the ecosystem towards becoming chain-agnostic. Using this infrastructure, they built Voyager, a cross-chain bridge that went live earlier this year. As Router Protocol announced its partnership with ZokshPay.


Voyager is a cross-chain swapping engine that is currently integrated with 9 networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, BSC, Harmony, Cronos, Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum; with many more to follow.

  • On-chain validation
  • The gold standard in security
  • Any token to any token swap
  • Seamless execution
  • Optimal route

Introducing Router JS SDK and Asset-swap API

This integration will enable you to create completely customizable white-labeled solutions for conducting cross-chain swaps.

How is Router JS SDK different from CrossTalk Library?

  • Native cross-chain applications like cross-chain lending and borrowing platforms, and cross-chain governance systems, among others.
  • Port a single chain dApp to multiple chains
  • Launch chain agnostic NFTs
  • Create stablecoins with built-in cross-chain capabilities

While CrossTalk is relevant to dApps looking to leverage cross-chain technology for broader use cases, JS SDK and asset-swap API are specific to the cross-chain swap functionality.

  • Capturing cross-chain arbitrage;
  • Providing cross-chain swap as a service inside existing projects, particularly wallet providers, multi-chain DEXes, and other multi-chain applications;
  • Customizing user flow for cross-chain swaps in existing cross-chain bridges that only have cross-chain transfers as a functionality.


About Router Protocol

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About ZokshPay

Accepting payments from anywhere in the world. incorporating a suite of payment optimization, security, and compliance features that ensure a great checkout experience for your customers.

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