Chess of Stars Upcoming IDO on Anonverse

Published on: 16.08.2022
Chess of Stars Upcoming IDO on Anonverse

Chess of Stars upcoming IDO on Anonverse at the end of this month. Chess of Stars is a multiple-chains reinvented automated chess GameFi designed for mobile phones. 

Eight players compete against each other in each game. Players achieve final victory on the battlefield by recruiting troops and horses, integrating heroes, improving combat effectiveness, and arranging troops.

Besides the classic playing method, Chess of Stars introduces unique playing options such as Bounty League mode, Golden League mode, and the Guild Challenge. As for strategy, it inherits the playing method of automated chess games like grabbing equipment, synthesizing equipment, upgrading heroes, and flexible combination synergy.

In Chess of Stars, you will deploy and upgrade the hero lineup in a continuous cycle of a survival battle. Destroy the enemy with the devil, compare the wrist with the fighter, or change the battle through the shape-shifter — all strategies depend on the player.

Using blockchain technology, teams have implanted NFT elements into the traditional automated chess mode and the prize pool mode of real-time E-sports competition. Through the prize pool, players have the opportunity to win rich loan token rewards through game competition and change from the traditional krypton gold game to a game that can earn high profits.


  • There will be three ways to earn $COSD — a native token within the Chess of Stars game. Firstly, NFT BlindBox Revenue, the drawing of NFT can realize the appreciation of players’ NFT assets.
  • Battlefield Reward Income: Players can get rewards from the prize pool (Rewards: tokens, tickets, other props, etc.) by fighting in the game and obtaining a corresponding rank. The reward proportion range of the top 32 players is from 245% to 1963%. 2.3 Token rewards from the prize of Golden League.
  • In the PTN mode, the starlight is exchanging for the limited-edition NFT collection transfer to obtain E as income.
On August 22, 2022, the Chess of Stars $COSD IDO pool will be on V.launchpad. 
ABOUT Anonverse

Anonverse is a multi-element decentralized autonomous application platform. The 1st Global platform that integrates fully decentralized non-custodial protocol, security solutions, GameFi, and DAO. Anonverse, Security Audit, Play2Earn, Compete2Earn, DAO!

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ABOUT Chess of Stars

Chess of Stars” is an e-sports game among players, which is re-conceive by blockchain. Players will be able to have 3D characters. They can play in the game and compete as NFTs to earn high rewards.

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