Fomoin Strategic Cooperation with Yuliverse!

Fomoin Strategic Cooperation with Yuliverse!

Fomoin is excited to announce partnership with Yuliverse, a SocialFi AR Metaverse Inspired by Pokemon Go & Tinder.

Project Introduction

Role Playing Game in Alternate Reality

To balance the power of the light and darkness, players will play as Yuli Character, purifying the Terra by completing challenging tasks in the world of human civilization AD 2022.

Through offline travel, players may explore the city based on Yuli’s Radar Map, constantly exploring the story.

A New Norm of Socializing

Yuliverse is not just a Role-playing game, but it represent a new way of socializing.

Players will meet with other players while playing Yuliverse and connect with like-minded people in the same city.

Rich Storyline

As the adventure progress, players will experience the justice, friendship, betrayal and lies in the story.  The first chapter of the main story will be surrounding the Project Katharsis.

Immersive Social Play

Other than solo exploration mode, as the progress advance. Players will unlock team mode and PVP mode in the season 2 to have a more immersive social play.

What is ARG/ART?


The Alternate Reality Gem, which is the output of Terra purification, is a proof of players’ activities and the main currency of the game.

Use case

  • Characters upgrade
  • Enhancement chips upgrade
  • Sanity items purchasing
  • Amusement arcade gameplay
  • Mystery boxes minting consumption


The Alternate Reality Token, the supreme honor of Yuliverse. To push the promotion of the “Project Katharsis”, Yuliverse decided to issue a limited amount of $ART for incentives.

Use case

  • High-level characters upgrade
  • High-level enhancement chips upgrade
  • Mystery boxes minting consumption
  • Advanced base building
  • Agore land purchasing

Token Distribution

  • 30% X-to-Earn
  • 10% Private
  • 20% Staking
  • 10% Community Fund
  • 10% Foundation
  • 5.0% Public
  • 15% Team

ART, Alternate Reality Token, the supreme honor Yuliverse Credential Token.

Currently only the upper Yuli owns. A push to incentivize “Project Katharsis”, Upper Yuli issues a limited number of ART for incentives.

Name: Alternate Reality Token

Type: BEP20

Symbol: ART

Platform: BSC

General release: 8,000,000,000 ART

General description

ART will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule which lasts for 66 months from the public sale. The initial circulating supply is set to 1,973,332 ART – 0.025% of the total supply.

The chart illustrates the maximum possible issuance of ART over the coming years, and the total supply will never exceed 8,000,000,000. The expected issuance of ART is expected to be slightly lower than the unlock schedule. The Play & Earn and Community fund allocations will not be issued until the game is ready for a growth phase even if the tokens are unlocked.

Yuliverse is an alternative reality metaiverse which is parallel to the real world and brings you a new lifestyle, meanwhile, it is also a game-based social application.

About Fomoin

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