PathDAO Announces Partnership with GuildQB!

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PathDAO is delighted to announce its partnership with GuildQB! Based in Japan, they aim to establish an interconnected ecosystem of games, NFTs, and communities.

What is GuildQB?

GuildQB is a social web3 platform specialized for GameFi. Their vision is to create an ecosystem that maximizes the benefits to players in their guild, while also creating a platform that will push for interoperability across the different gaming metaverses. Guild members will also have the opportunity to earn additional incentives through the building of gaming tools or making connections to the entire GameFi/BCG industry.

Game companies or projects will be able to publish and release their games on GuildQB in order to tap into its audience as well as its depth of features that will help developers to scale quicker.

Currently, gaming guilds and general projects communicate and organize their respective communities through Discord. Although widely used, some common pain points faced include:

  1. Inability to attract targeted audience
  2. Little contact with end users
  3. Difficulty in increasing game revenue

Such issues are what the GuildQB platform aims to solve, which in turn creates value across the wider ecosystem. This means all parties will benefit, as opposed to a select few using the traditional top-down funnel. The base layer aims to provide a boost to all parties connected on the same level through value-added services such as:

  • NFT sales and marketplace
  • Non-collateralized loans and lending in a connected system
  • Early token / NFT investments in guilds and games
  • Guild scholarship program
  • Guild-as-a-Service
  • Guild network
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The GuildQB platform can be used for:

1. Facilitating interoperability between different communities.

2. Social attributes allow for quick dissemination and deployment of game information, strategies, or events to name a few. This makes it simple to push rapidly while contributors and information providers benefit from the easily accessible content. Simultaneously, other users will be able to passively consume the information they need, creating community closeness.

3. Until now, it has not been possible to exchange or trade tokens and NFTs between different games. This lowers the barriers to entry, meaning capital will be easier to access and users can be more profitable.

Portfolio games to reach new markets

Through this partnership, PathDAO will assist GuildQB with its fundraising initiatives. This will be done by facilitating introductions and potential meets with top VCs as well as leveraging the PathDAO networks in this endeavor.

At the same time, both PathDAO and GuildQB will help to spearhead the expansion of each other’s portfolio games in the Southeast Asia and Japan regions respectively, through either marketing efforts or distribution channels. The geographical relevance that both PathDAO and GuildQB have in their regions will ensure that portfolio games will receive localized seeding among web3 gamers, as well as community groups.

This creates a win-win situation for both parties in which games will be able to reach a wider audience quicker, while also gaining exposure and potential users in markets that were previously tricky to penetrate without localization efforts. In theory, this should help portfolio games scale quicker if there is a product-market fit.

GuildQB will kick start the partnership by helping PathDAO push Karmaverse in Japan through the HADOW influencer network.

In addition, this long-term partnership aims to work towards eventually co-hosting APAC-wide events relevant to the community such as web3 gaming tournaments. This ties in perfectly with our vision of community events bringing people together

“We are excited to work with GuildQB to expand and help us establish a reach in the Japanese market, especially for our portfolio of games. This is also another sign of how collaborative this ecosystem is in building up the community and infra layer for web3 gaming. LFG!” — Jansen Teng, Co-Founder of PathDAO.

“We are very proud to partner with PathDAO, a leading Southeast Asian organization in the heart of GameFi. We look forward to representing the Japanese gaming guilds and supporting the expansion of the Japanese gaming community into Southeast Asia. PathDAO and GuildQB share the vision of organizing a gaming event involving the whole of Asia in the future.” — Keisuke Horiguchi, CEO of GuildQB

About GuildQB

QB aims to create an ecosystem that connects games, communities, and players. It maximizes revenue for gamers and increases transparency for the community, while at the same time significantly reducing the cost of game distribution.

What can be confirmed is that the GameFi gaming boom and the meta-universe era are dawning.

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About PathDAO

Founded in 2021, PathDAO is a digital society that welcomes all gamers regardless of background. In addition to becoming self-sovereign, the Path Nation aims to become the largest gaming community in web3 where gamers can pursue what they love doing in pursuit of prosperity and fulfilment. With over 74,000 community members and key partnerships with more than 70 projects across the growing web3 gaming space, PathDAO has quickly achieved a global reach and is helping to define how web3 gaming can bring individuals, communities, and cultures together.

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