Sport Fans NFTs launches ahead of World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Published on: 27.08.2022

Sport Fans NFTs, a unique sports NFT project, has been launched to the public on Sunday, Aug 21st.

The new one-of-its-kind sports NFT project will transform the way fans experience the game and provide a genuine alternative to several existing sports-related NFTs.

The first tranche of NFTs is being released ahead of the World Cup 2022. “To start with, all our NFTs will be specifically minted for some of the major tournaments across different sports. And there is no way we would have missed the world’s most popular sporting event – The Football World Cup,” explains Mouttou Viramouttou, Co-founder & Chairman, Brugu Software Solutions, which has been instrumental in developing and promoting the project.

For the World Cup 2022, Sport Fans NFTs has announced a total of 32,000 unique NFTs on the basis of a limited number of 1000 NFTs each for every team which has qualified for the tournament. The primary attraction of the project is that every Sport Fans NFT holder will receive a guaranteed airdrop of 1500 WFN tokens. The project has been opened to the public for whitelisting.

Every time a team moves to the next level of the tournament, NFT holders of the respective teams will receive almost double the number of WFN tokens.

According to Mouttou, Sport Fans NFTs has been in the works for the past six to eight months and there are plans to launch Fans NFTs for the upcoming Football World Cups in 2026, 2030 and the subsequent editions.

About Sport Fans NFTs

A new sports-focused project for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Sport Fans NFTs, has been launched with the aim to transform fan experience.

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