BrightyPad Strategic Partnership with Cognitos

BrightyPad Strategic Partnership with Cognitos

BrightyPad is super excited to announce strategic partnership with Cognitos, Providing security assessment of smart contract and blockchain.

Cognitos Overview

“Cognitos believe technology will continue to become more affordable and more people will have the chance to use it.”

How to create a new habit for the benefit of many people? This question will yield an answer to what happened to thenn.

They believe blockchain technology will be the spearhead of civilization, that time will sooner or later happen. But will it be followed by security that guarantees its users?

  • The Eyes, a technology they developed to help the team map out a smart contract that is used in various activities on blockchain has been born.
  • The Eyes is the answer to their question and they are sure to be the question of many people too.
  • The Eyes will collaborate with the team of engineers to help developers ensure the security of the smart contracts they offer their investors. and COGNITOS will be a new era of auditing with many advantages


Fast Processing

Cognitos knows that crypto markets move very fast. Therefore, Cognitos is here to provide the audit results in just a matter of hours.


Artificial Intelligence Technology support and expert team

They implement a strict system in carrying out audits, assisted by AI technology that they designed and an experienced team


Get an affordable price

Cognitos has a program for any project that hasn’t audited before to get the best price for their first audit and get special price for any project that has audited before Terms and Conditions apply.

Artificial Intelligence

Cognitos started off successfully developing technology to read, parse, and alert smart contracts. After many stages of testing, and improvements to the technology, now the technology is feasible and can help them to map smart contracts in various block chain projects.

The technology that they named The Eyes will be controlled by a team of experienced engineers who will provide maximum results for smart contract audits.

2 Layers

for Secure

person holding black computer keyboard

Cognitos team of engineers are personnel who are experts and experienced in the block chain field. Some are teams from big projects in Crypto currency. They will work with The Eyes support which we developed

This collaboration provides a significant impact and extra security for potential investors for your project. This is why Cognitos is the right choice for your project audit service.

About Cognitos

Cognitos Let’s you care your investor. Empower your projects to make a changes you need to make. Cognitos has NO own coin.

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About BrightyPad

BrightyPad is a brand-new integrated cross-chain ecosystem that introduces an all-in-one solution to launch and manage all your decentralized assets.

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