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Dapp Play Store enters a new collaboration with Mintbase, a blockchain-based platform that allows anyone to create their own NFT store.


In the world of the digital era, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are getting their use cases and are opening room for different opportunities. NFT refers to digital assets built on blockchain technology which is exactly one of its types. They are always in the form of some type of artwork (graphic, audio, or video), or even as an in-game asset for certain virtual worlds. Having gained a lot of investors and art lovers’ interest, the craze is arguably at its peak. Understandably, one of the greatest barriers to joining the NFT space is creating and selling your digital assets. As it requires significant technical expertise until Mintbase shows up. That is why the dapp play store is presenting opportunities for NFT lovers to make the process easier and faster.

About the Partnership

Giving room for talented developers to deploy their decentralized applications to the public, Dapp Play Store partners with a solution-based API platform.

Dapp Play Store today announced its new partnership with MintBase — a Fast, Scalable, & Decentralized NFT Infrastructure. The partnership is timely as it opens users’ access to the exclusive dApp. Now, users now access the MintBase toolkit to build successful NFT Infrastructure.

Dapp Play Store today will now allow Users to run, create, download, and interact with MintBase tool on its platform. It is basically a software or toolkit where artists or businesses can create NFTs to sell digital items, music, and tickets for their next show.

MintBase comes into the space to simplify and encourage more users and businesses to create digital values. By simplifying entries, MintBase is allowing entry and creativity into the NFT and web3 space as a whole. Thanks to MintBase, developers and businesses can now create the evolution of web 3.0 ticketing, music, and gaming platforms. The platform offers users access to various creative allocation and redemption mechanisms for their users. Users can mint free NFTs on MintBase, though network charges still may apply.

The platform was first deployed on the ethereum network, but due to the problems of gas fee and scalability of the network, it moved to the Near network. The Near protocols have brought in new ideas to the platform. Thanks to its concept and minting scale are remarkably possible.

Nate Geier, founder, Mintbase said: “At Mintbase, we believe that we are moving away from massive single NFT marketplaces towards more individual and community-owned ones. Sharded WASM chains are the future as they operate with other more desired programming languages like Rust and AssemblyScript.”


The store The MintBase store is basically a user-owned NFT smart contract that has its own Decentralized API and dApp. In the store, users can customise the interface, check analytics and a lot of other things. Already Mintbase has over 1,239 stores deployed on it as of August 1 2022.

The store field can be customised using the launchpad tab. The Launchpad tab is where users perform all your actions on the NFTs from your stores, or from other stores where you are a minter. These actions can be things like minting, listing, sending, burning an NFT, and so on. Through the launchpad, you can perform actions like managing all of your smart contracts or Navigating through the owned NFTs field where users can have direct access to their NFTs and perform various actions.


The Gorilla shop The Gorilla shop is a platform deployed on MintBase that makes use of the idea of MintBase but in a more simplified way. Thus, MintBase can be described as a Shopify of Shopifies: not only that users can build their own marketplace, but they can also build marketplaces for marketplaces. The Gorilla shop is Built in such a way that with only a few clicks, users can deploy a marketplace and mint thousands of NFTs using Mintbase API as a backbone. In another, users can build a shop by purchasing an advanced theme and customising it to suit their standard.

The Automatic Metaverse:

Gallery Every store on Mintbase has its own virtual gallery set up automatically on Minting. The 3XR space makes use of the intersection of web3 and WebXR. As there are thousands of stores on the platform, the 3XR also displays NFT of the entire ecosystem of stores.

The 3XR space is created in a 3d Metaverse display with a great interface for interaction. The space is customizable using the CreateThing where users can add both the NFT user own or don’t own. Users can also mint NFTs from the space.

The 3XR space can also be used to hold events such as auctioning where they can tax other users before they enter. They can also create a closed space with limited access and deploy a token such that only people with that token can participate in the action or perform various activities. Such that the NFT gallery itself can serve as a ticket for the virtual event.

Dapp Play Store is the next generational Web3 application store & content management system. The first platform to house all dApps built on a variety of blockchain networks. A digital distribution platform utilizing the decentralized infrastructure for software storage and scalability.

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About MintBase

Mintbase is a global platform that allows anyone to create NFTs without worrying about technical complexities. Think of Mintbase as the “Shopify for NFTs”.

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