Polygon Studios and ITSBLOC Level Up Blockchain Gaming

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Polygon Studios is working with ITSBLOC, a Web3 gaming platform, to empower a new generation of play-to-earn (P2E) Web3 games.

ITSBLOC offers an alternative. The company’s Play-eNjoy-Earn model lets gamers earn passively while playing, so they can focus on enjoying the actual gameplay. Putting fun first is key to attracting a broader gamer audience. In practice, it means the following:

  • Elimination of in-app payments
  • Games broken up into seasons to avoid inflationary tokenomics
  • Token staking to purchase in-game growth items

ITSBLOC plans to release games in various genres, including at least three MMORPGs and first-person shooter games this year. DK Mobile: The Origin, its first MMORPG to go live, uses a seasonal staking system with redemption and liquidation period at the end of the season to level the playground for casual players and improve user earnings.

The team raised a total of $7.5 million from major investors including Vista Labs, Nexus One, Edimus Capital, and Atlas Capital. ITSBLOC also dropped their Polygon-based governance token ITSB on


ITSBLOC Platform will help game creators freely access and our goal is to allow all games to enter ITSBLOC ecosystem and enjoy their games. Their first challenge will be whether they can stably operate the balance of game goods and coins in the Web3 Platform.
Game creators and valuable partners can use the ecosystem supported by ITSBLOC Platform and It will be the P2E game Platform that will help not only game users but also creators.
With ITSBLOC, its aim to create a powerful ecosystem that rewards users and provides unique opportunities. We are constantly working to improve and add more features and products to the ecosystem if it helps the community.

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