Venus Protocol Integrates Minimax

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Minimax announced integration with Venus Protocol — #1 lending protocol on BNB Chain and one of the top lending platforms in DeFi.

How you can benefit from Minimax Finance and Venus Protocol cooperation

Making deposits into Venus pools at Minimax Finance means that you get all advantages of Venus lending opportunities and Minimax DeFi tools in one package:

  • Competitive APYs for 23 tokens, including top cryptocurrencies like BTCB, ETH, BNB, ADA, DOT and others
  • Decentralized protection from losses. You receive immediate automatic conversion of the deposited tokens into stablecoins in case the asset price goes below the ‘stop loss’ level.
  • Automated profit taking, which enables you to receive stablecoins once the price of a token rises to the level you specify.
  • Conversion depositing and withdrawal. The ability to make deposits into any vault using any token you have, with the necessary conversions seamlessly done by our smart contracts. You can also withdraw deposits into any token you like.
  • You can have several positions within one vault. Feel free to set different stop loss and take profit levels for each position.
  • ‘Tokens’ section, which helps you spot unused tokens in your wallet, shows the best APYs available for them and enables you to put the idle tokens to work.

Venus Protocol Integrates Minimax – At Minimax Finance you can find 21 Venus vaults, including:

  • $XVS
  • $CAKE
  • $DOT
  • $USD

About Venus

Venus stands as the most popular decentralized lending platforms on the BNB Chain, characterized by high-speed transactions and low-cost fees.

Venus Protocol Integrates Minimax, You have the opportunity to earn APY on deposited assets. Which makes Venus unique in comparison to alternative platforms.

Currently Venus Protocol supports lending and borrowing of 23 cryptocurrencies, including $XVS, $BNB, $BUSD, $DAI, $LINK and others. At the time of this writing Venus sported the TVL of $974 million, with available liquidity of $630 million.

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