Galaxy Arena Partnership with Kitsumon

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Galaxy Arena is excited to announce partnership with Kitsumon, an NFT game about collecting, breeding, and caring for adorable Kitsu pets.


Kitsumon is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game in the mold of mainstream hits like Pokemon and DotA. But it diverges from those titles in a major way. It features a unique in-game economy fed by NFT assets. Through that economy, it facilitates play-to-earn gameplay mechanics that turn it into a lucrative proposition for players.

The Kitsumon play to earn professions allow users to become a farmer, chef, fisherman, alchemist, ranger, breeder. Selling their in game created NFT assets in the exclusive market place
 Bloodline breading is a unique feature of the Kitsumon World. Bloodline is a royalty rewards system built into the DNA of the Kitsu by their creators. When a Kitsu is created the Kitsu is imprinted with three creator addresses, that receive royalties in all future NFT sales. Acquiring pure gene eggs and Kitsumon can be very lucrative

Behind all the other features lies the core of the Kitsumon world, the battle arena. Players will be able to both train and battle against other online players in both ranked and open matches. Players will be able to create ‘Guilds’ and invite players to create battle teams. Battle teams are by invite only and will only be able to battle in special League Ladders and tournaments.

About Galaxy Arena

Galaxy Arena is a virtual reality play-to-earn metaverse that uses groundbreaking volumetric motioncapture technology to give users an experience unlike any other. With the Arena as the focal point, players can watch live stream professional fighters duke it out from their favourite leagues with the help of cutting-edge technology. Spectators can watch pay-per-view broadcasts from every conceivable angle — more detailed than if they were ringside.

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About Kitsumon

Kitsumon is an NFT game about collecting, breeding, and caring for adorable Kitsu pets.

Website | Twitter




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