DIFX Fully Insured Cross-Asset Platform

Published on: 19.10.2022
DIFX Fully Insured Cross-Asset Platform

Finding a promising cryptocurrency exchange is not easy driving through the internet. Today we will introduce you to this excellent platform that we discover and tell you how this platform works. Introducing DIFX Exchange a fully insured cross-asset platform.

Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) is a centralized exchange set on creating a new financial order aimed to merge the world of digital and traditional assets in a fully insured comprehensive cross-asset ecosystem.

Launched on September 6th, 2021, the exchange employs full data encryption and Bitcoin storage to protect activities. Along with its web version, the exchange has released a DIFX Mobile Application for iOS and Android to assist its users.
DIFX Mobile App

DIFX is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that brings significant and long-lasting disruptive alternatives to the trading of financial products by creating the first fully-insured cross-asset trading platform that will connect individuals, prime brokers, corporations and solve real-world payment problems by providing simple, effective, and secure payment and trading solutions across borders.

Digital Financial Exchange Ultimate Goal

DFIX’s prime objective is to optimize the use of blockchain technology to make financial transactions more robust, secure, insured, transparent, and hassle-free. Moreover, its technology is solving the accessibility challenges in regular digital asset use. Where adoption is the key and a part of its CSR activity is also to educate inquisitive learners thereby bridging the gap between seasoned blockchain enthusiasts and newcomers.

DIFX aims to address many of the issues that existing exchange platforms face by leveraging blockchain technology to provide a secure, fast, and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange and trading solution with a low transaction fee. The platform also has a Blockchain-powered currency that is the native currency of the DIFX ecosystem with which transactions will be carried out between users.

Digital Financial Exchange Vision

Furthermore, DIFX is envisioned using its immutable ledger technology for the unbanked, by creating a revolutionary exchange that is fast, secure, and efficient. Its number one priority is to bridge the gap between digital and traditional assets, thereby establishing a new financial order. Quite simply, the vision is to create an ecosystem that is beneficial to all traders, whether new, inquisitive start-ups or seasoned clients.

First, DIFX stands for Digital Financial Exchange – DIFX which was created as an amalgamation of all the traditional investment assets and the new millennial crypto assets in one which emphasizes its traditional roots and digital forward-thinking. Additionally, they wanted to create a platform that is central for all types of financial individuals and institutions.


Cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms have been driving investment, trading, and financial inclusion options for people. However, there is no single platform that offers an “all-in-one” approach to cryptocurrency exchange (which includes buying, selling, trading, and management of investment portfolios). This leaves a significant gap in true financial inclusion globally, and that’s where DIFX is different from the rest.

The implementation of the DIFX ecosystem unifies the internal and external operating system with its customer-centric approach to providing a seamless experience to users where they can buy, sell, trade, and manage their cryptocurrency assets on a single platform. Traders also can swap between any asset listed on the DIFX platform.

Additionally, they can also swap their cryptocurrency for traditional assets, for example, stocks, and bonds. The platform is designed to deploy a futuristic financial service platform to
create an omnichannel and cross-functional customer journey.

DFIX Innovative Service

  • Custodian Wallet 
    DIFX has partnered with Fireblocks to the status as a fully insured crypto exchange.
  • Know Your Customer
    Digital Finance exchange integrated with SUMSUB as the KYC and AML service providers. Ir Streamlining KYC/AML routine to give clients quick access to all its service while maximizing risk.
  • MetaTrader5
    A custom MT5 platform that hosts 600+ instruments and provides advanced tools for fundamental analysis, copy trading, and custom indicators facilitated by trading bots.
  • Nomination Program
    DIFX provides users with a revolutionary service that allows users to nominate their friends and family to be the beneficiaries of their digital wallets in case of their demise.
  • 24/7 Support
    DIFX provides users with round-the-clock support for any queries, concerns, and information requefficiently and quicklyanner in multiple languages

Therefore we can say that the Digital Finance Exchange is a compact mobile and website trading platform to provide innovative services to its users.

DIFX leverages blockchain technology to verify and vet traders before carrying out transactions on the platform to ensure safety and security, unlike other CEXs. Moreover, DIFX’s platform allows users to manage every aspect of their assets in a single platform and creates a diverse portfolio with a variety of options available. Lastly, DIFX has its own ERC20/BEP20 token with encryption and a P2P system.


Furthermore, the DIFX Spot Exchange is currently a crypto-to-crypto exchange that facilitates the purchase, sale and swapping of multiple different cryptocurrencies. Currently, as of March 2022, the spot exchange has approximately 50-odd tokens and coins listed for trading purposes. Among this list includes the exchange’s very own utility token (DIFX).

DIFX Spot Exchanges are available on both the web and mobile platforms. It is possible to
buy and store cryptocurrency in a fully insured wallet. In addition, they can earn
passive income through staking opportunities and multiple rewards programs.
Register and earn

Key Spot Exchange Features

  1. Fully Insured Wallet — A Fully Insured Cross-Asset Trading Platform with
    Fireblocks as a custodian.
  2. ERC-20/BEP-20 Native Cryptocurrency — DIFX has its token that can be traded
    with other assets, reduce trading costs, or use for paying any incurred transaction
  3. Nomination Program — The blockchain-based nomination program created
    by DIFX lets users select “trusted individuals, family members, and friends to inherit their crypto wallets” automatically upon the owner’s demise.
  4. Banking-Grade Security — To protect your activities, we use full data
    encryption and cryptocurrency cold storage.
  5. DIFX Academy — DIFX Academy is an online glossary of several lessons, all recorded and taught by professional crypto traders with years of on-hand experience.
  6. Fastest and Simplest KYC Process — The DIFX exchange can verify KYC documents within minutes. A simple selfie and an identity document are all that’s needed to use our high-secure technology at full throttle!
  7. Fast Transactions — DIFX matches up to 1M orders/second.
  8. Referral Program and Bonuses — Participate in the in-app giveaways
    or attend any of DIFX’s sponsored events to earn additional benefits.

Digital Financial Exchange Competitive Advantage

The DIFX innovative trading terminal beats any existing solution accessible to traders on the market, giving DIFX a competitive advantage. To be a top exchange platform, it will analyze current exchanges, improve on their weaknesses, and develop potential business models that will boost its acceptance and customer retention.

Furthermore, unlike other exchange platforms with fragmented cryptocurrency capital markets, it has condensed its platform into a single trading terminal, the first of its kind
in the exchange sector. It will also have strong legal and financial backing as it is associated with multiple approvals. This gives its platform a good standing and a soft cushion.

Finally, unlike other exchanges that are only after the user’s money and profit racketeering, DIFXhase is a dedicated tether website with multiple tethers of all the asset classes backed by value. This makes it distinct and highly competitive in the market.

DIFX Additional Features

  • Encryption of track using the latest tools such as VPN, SSH, and 256-bit AES encryption. Individual verification of crucial details to avoid identity theft and other forms of fraud.
  • AES encryption prevention: A sophisticated encryption algorithm that decrypts encrypted confidential data. Anti-CSRF token: CSRF is Cross-Site Request Forgery, which is a type of attack in which a malicious actor makes an unwanted action on a trusted site.
  • Mail ID encryption: Prevents hackers from decrypting/editing its email address using our database.
  • Device-based tracking (IP Address, MAC Address/Mobile device ID, User) and IP- based admin panel login.
  • A hidden mailing system implementation for the exchange to know the present login credentials for the admin panel, in case a hacker changes it internally or externally.
  • The Database retains a log of admin login patterns and wrong login attempts.
  • Auto logout and re-login for the admin to protect against attempted hacks on ongoing sessions.
  • DIFX is constantly exploring the latest techniques to strengthen its safety measures and security features of the services. They also have a development board where its team is constantly assessing new features and algorithms that can spruce up the security as well as the performance of all the components of its exchange.

The DIFX Tokens And Their Features

DIFX Token is a utility token created on the ERC20/BEP20 blockchain. Utility tokens are tokens that are intended to provide digital access to an application or service through a blockchain-based infrastructure. DIFX also allows instant transfers while providing specific value and discounts to DIFX users.

Key Features Include:
  1. ERC20 and BEP20-based tokens used within DIFX EcosysPlanslans to build a native blockchain platform
  2. It will power future DIFX services and products
  3. Faster transaction times
  4. Quicker payment settlements


There is a max token supply of 550,000,000 DIFX, the core utilities include a reduction of up to 25% of trading fees incurred on the exchange and a strengthening of the reliability and transparency of worldwide payments and transfers.

    BSC — 0x697bd938e7E572E787ecd7bC74a31f1814C21264
    ERC20 — 0x9792409ae27726d337af30d701ab525372495607
  • It was 550M on Ethereum. The team burned 60M in Ethereum and minted 60M
    in BSC.

Furthermore, DIFX holders enjoy trading fee discounts of up to 25% while paying with the token on the exchange. In addition, traders are offered high leverage of the total DIFX token value held on any asset class listed on the exchange.

In addition, staking options is where traders may stake or lock in DIFX tokens for up to 8 quarters on the exchange-staking platform resulting in massive rewards.

Investment Opportunity

Furthermore, as seen with other exchange tokens, allows holders unity to return high yields on their investments in the token. Moreover, the usability of the token for the Nomination Program and transaction fees incurred.
DIFX Tokenomics

Benefits of the DIFX Platform to Users

Users of the DIFX platform will benefit immensely from the several features of the platform.

  • Cross asset trading
  • Biometric security
  • Multiple licenses across different jurisdictions
  • High-security wallet
  • IOS and Android app
  • Prepaid brokerage package
  • Airdrops
  • Services with a price markdown
  • Overnight interest rate and staking
  • Discount on the use of DIFX token

DIFX Multi-Currency Wallet

DIFX Digital Wallet App – One of the products being developed by the DIFX cryptocurrency platform is a DIFX Multicurrency Wallet.

It has the following technical functionality:

  • The ability to securely store the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others in an insured wallet.
  • Ability to send cryptocurrency to business partners, friends, and relatives via DIFX’s wallet.
  • Account login is protected by a two-factor authentication system (2FA).
  • Ability to track all transactions performed in the section “History of transactions.
  • Banking grade security to protect your activities, use full data encryption and cryptocurrency cold storage.
  • Fast transactions as the platform match up to 1M orders/second.
  • Referral Programs and Bonuses by participating in DIFX in-app giveaways.

Download the DIFX mobile App to trade traditional and crypto assets on the go. Streamline your trading with 24/7 access to dynamic market data, accurate K-line patterns, and premium indicators. Finally, trade with endless possibilities no matter where you are!


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Market Stats:
BTC Dominance: 52.46%(-0.26%/24h)
ETH Dominance: 17.97%(+0.02%/24h)
Defi Market Cap: $104.93B(-0.94%/24h)
Total Market Cap: $2569.9B(-1.03%/24h)
Total Trading Volume 24h: $95.98B(+16.30%/24h)
ETH Market Cap: $461.47B
Defi to ETH Ratio: 22.74%
Defi Dominance: 3.87%
Altcoin Market Cap: $1221.64B
Altcoin Volume 24h: $63.16B
Total Cryptocurrencies: 29928
Active Cryptocurrencies: 10067
Active Market Pairs: 83336
Active Exchanges: 772
Total Exchanges: 8609
BTC: 68411.37$(0.41%/1H)
ETH: 3842.47$(0.89%/1H)
AVAX: 37.21$(0.83%/1H)
BNB: 601$(0.26%/1H)
MATIC: 0.74$(1.06%/1H)
FTM: 0.82$(0.91%/1H)
ADA: 0.46$(0.39%/1H)
DOT: 7.44$(0.73%/1H)
UNI: 11.11$(0.6%/1H)
CAKE: 2.97$(0.76%/1H)
SUSHI: 1.26$(1.6%/1H)
ONE: 0.02$(2.97%/1H)