Skiff Joined Bonfida Solana Name Service

Published on: 20.10.2022
Skiff Joined Bonfida Solana Name Service

Skiff, a fully end-to-end encrypted and decentralized collaboration platform, has joined the Bonfida Solana Name Service family!

To serve as a decentralized email address, Skiff has joined Bonfida Solana Name Service.

Skiff is a crypto-native, privacy-first collaboration platform that offers Web3 emails, files, and documents, allowing you to interact freely.

Collaboration Highlights

Skiff now lets users use their .sol domain name as their email address, i.e. To send E2E encrypted emails, contact [email protected] Emails may be sent or received to other wallets (+.sol domains) and/or well-known mail services like Gmail. As a result, you may connect with any address, whether on Ethereum, Solana, or any other traditional emailing standard.

Your .sol is becoming into your humanized metaverse ID, even extending to your email address. In the future Web era, they envision a world where you would need nothing just your Solana domain name.

How can users Configure and use my .sol email on Skiff?


Skiff handles all of the work for you. There are two options here:

When creating a new account, select the Phantom wallet option and proceed with the sign-up process.

If you already have an account, go to Skiff’s alias settings page and link your Phantom wallet. Then, your.sol domain will be auto-displayed and available for sending and receiving emails to and from your mailbox through

Here’s a simple video tutorial:


  • Email addresses using emoji domains may not be compatible with standard email providers such as Gmail.
  • To designate your preferred.sol to Skiff, go to and choose your chosen domain.
  • Skiff email providers will not accept NFT Solana Domains. You would have to first unwrap your domain.
  • When you transfer or sell one of your domains, emails are send to the new address that owns the associated name. In this way, you may keep your email private and E2E encrypted.

About Bonfida

Bonfida is the full product suite that bridges the gap between Serum, Solana and the user. As one of the first builders on Solana and one of many firsts for the ecosystem, they hope to demonstrate what can be achieved on the most powerful blockchain.

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About Skiff

Skiff is a fully end-to-end encrypted and decentralized collaboration platform. Skiff lets you create documents, notes, wikis, and more. It also has a lot of other cool features like: comments, markdown support, tables, file storage and embeds.

Website ♦ Twitter



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