PIVX Integrates with BasicSwap

Published on: 02.11.2022
PIVX Integrates with BasicSwap

PIVX integrates with BasicSwap and will be available for swapping as soon as its open beta goes live. Starting on Day 1 of BasicSwap’s open beta, you’ll be able to place and take PIVX offers on BasicSwap’s distributed order book and swap it in exchange for a range of other cryptocurrencies.

All PIVX swaps are powered by atomic swaps and require no third-party involvement, wrapped assets, or intermediary layers. Additionally, due to the DEX’s fee-less architecture, PIVX swaps are free of charge. Meaning you’ll only need to pay the regular PIVX blockchain transaction fee and nothing extra.

BasicSwap is both a cross-chain and private decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol and a trading app that allows you to swap one cryptocurrency for another without any middleman or third-party involvement. It lets you make or take orders on a distributed order book and execute swaps that are safe, trustless, unrestricted, and private.

All of this combined sets BasicSwap apart from the unfathomable number of so-called DEXs out there and creates an environment that is free of any central point of failure. And best of all: it’s all available without trading fees.

In the coming days, BasicSwap release a powerful and very easy-to-use DEX client with useful features exclusive to its protocol. It also offers a uniquely private and decentralized way to swap several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin, but also privacy coins like Monero (XMR) or Particl (PART) with no compromise to your privacy and a heavy focus on ease of use.

NOTE: At this beta stage, PIVX cannot yet be swapped with Monero or “anon” Particl coins. PIVX is working on a more extensive integration for non-Segwit coins which expect to go live later during beta.

PIVX stands for Protected Instant Verified T(x) transaction. It is an open-source and decentralized peer-to-peer currency. Featuring advanced user data protection features, community governance mechanisms, a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, and multi-purpose masternodes.

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ABOUT BasicSwap

BasicSwap is a cross-chain and privacy-first decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol and a trading app. It allows you to swap one cryptocurrency for another without any middleman or third-party involvement.

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