Marinade Finance Introduces mTransaction

Published on: 09.11.2022
Marinade Finance Introduces mTransaction

Marinade Finance, the leading non-custodial liquid staking protocol on the Solana blockchain, introduces mTransaction.

Marinade Finance introduces mTransaction, a way for any user to get their transactions through, even during peak demand on the blockchain. The mDAO will manage the new revenue opportunity introduced by mTransaction.

Marinade Introduces mTransaction

mTransaction enables sending Solana transactions through successfully, even at busy hours and without SOL stake or running your validator. In theory, it is a transaction throughput marketplace—connecting users who seek the stake to send transactions with validators who have the excess stake to provide.

mTransaction takes users’ transactions and delivers them at high priority to the block-producing validator. It helps Solana users to get their transactions through, no matter how busy the blockchain is, by routing the order through the network of participating validators.

Validators: Get more yield through mTransaction

The mTransaction service, built as a sidecar to the validator client. Itdoes not require validators to make any changes to their code. As such, it safely integrates with any version of the Solana client, including Solana Labs, Firedancer or Jito.

The priority transaction fees collected, paid by the users, and distributed to participating validators.

Part of the collected MEV rewards distributed to the Marinade community as determined by the mDAO. The community could consider directing these rewards to mSOL, increasing the APY due to the additional revenue stream, or distribute to MNDE Chef NFT holders.

How users can send transactions with mTransaction

The mTransaction product by Marinade builds on top of the latest Solana network upgrades, such as QUIC and stake-weighted Quality-of-Service. The block-producing validator opens up 2,500 connections for others to communicate. 500 of those not requiring any stake to connect and 2,000 connections for the nodes backed by the SOL stake.

mTransaction provides the service to send the Solana transaction on behalf of the staked nodes. This prioritizes transactions that would otherwise be sent without any stake to back it and most likely failed to be executed.

Marinade updated its midyear roadmap in 2022 and shared its intent to continue building not only a more decentralized Solana, but contribute to a performant one, too. As a Solana-native protocol that is community-owned through DAO governance. MEV staking yield for mSOL and mTransactions are the latest step in both creating a more robust blockchain but also a more prosperous DAO community.

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