Pontem Integration with Notifi

Published on: 30.11.2022
Pontem Integration with Notifi

Building the future of web3 communications Notifi is excited to announce the launch of its most recent integration with Pontem Network.

Notifi has released its latest integration with Pontem Network, which provides Liquidswap alerts.

Notifi and Pontem Overview

Pontem Network is a product development studio that builds foundational dApps and infrastructure to accelerate Aptos adoption. Pontem has released Liquidswap, the first Aptos Automated Market Maker that employs simple bonding curves for stable and volatile pairs, as well as a wallet that serves as a gateway to the Aptos ecosystem. Because of the Pontem community’s rapid growth, they realized they needed a way to engage their users with meaningful alerts, which is why they partnered with Notifi.

Notifi collaborated closely with the Pontem team to create a seamless notification experience for Liquidswap that provides real-time market updates and Pontem community announcements. Users of Liquidswap can now opt-in to receive notifications via SMS, email, and Telegram.

Partnership Highlights

Pontem has begun sending out alerts for their AMM, Liquidswap, and is currently sending out Pontem Wallet notifications. Users can opt-in for Pontem Announcements and Token Price Change Alerts during its initial launch to stay on top of community alpha announcements and market fluctuations without being glued to their monitors. Notifi alerts can help you whether you are a seasoned DeFi trader or new to web3.

The Pontem community is now receiving the following major alerts:

  • Pontem Announcements: Users can opt-in for Pontem updates and alpha announcements
  • Token Price Change Alerts: Receive alerts when specific tokens have large price movement

Pontem recognizes the importance of communication and community building, which is why they added Notifi-powered alerts. Soon, Pontem and Notifi will release our next set of alerts for Liquidswap and the Pontem Wallet. Future alerts will include wallet transactions, notifications from Aptos ecosystem partner dApps, and more.

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