Multichain Integrates NEAR Protocol

Published on: 01.12.2022
Multichain Integrates NEAR Protocol

Multichain Integrates NEAR Protocol, so developers can interact with NEAR seamlessly and freely with 0% cross-chain fee charged.

This integration enables USDT, USDC, wBTC, among others, to be bridged between NEAR and 15+ chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Arbitrum, and Avalanche, among others.

The combined initial liquidity between NEAR side and EVM chains side is currently over $30M, with around 21M USDC, 9.5M USDT, and $200k wBTC. The USDT deployed on NEAR is the native USDT issued by Tether and the USDC deployed is the Rainbow bridge version of USDC. Additionally, the $NEAR token can be transferred between NEAR Protocol and Ethereum. The token addresses on NEAR Protocol are the following:

  • USDC: a0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48.factory.bridge.near
  • USDT: usdt.tether-token.near
  • NEAR: mpc-multichain.near
  • wBTC: 2260fac5e5542a773aa44fbcfedf7c193bc2c599.factory.bridge.near
  • AURORA: aaaaaa20d9e0e2461697782ef11675f668207961.factory.bridge.near
  • WOO: 4691937a7508860f876c9c0a2a617e7d9e945d4b.factory.bridge.near

How to Bridge

  1. Follow this link — Multichain cross-chain Router — to access the bridge.
  2. Connect to the specific chain you want to bridge your funds from, ie. Ethereum, BNB, Avalanche, etc.
  3. Select NEAR mainnet as the destination chain and the desired asset, and paste your NEAR address below in the Recipient section.
  4. Approve the asset to be bridged on the EVM chain and click on swap.
  5. Connect your Sender Wallet, which needs to have a small amount of $NEAR to cover some storage costs. We are currently working on a faucet for new users and on adding more wallets.
  6. Now there will be a pop up that asks you to deposit 0.0125 $NEAR as a fee for storage costs. You only need to do this the first time you interact with the bridge from your wallet.
  7. Review and confirm the transfer.

Embark on a fast, secure, and free bridging journey! Please note that free cross-chain travel is only available for one month.

About Multichain

Multichain is a decentralized cross-chain router to address the clear need for distinct and diverse blockchains to communicate with one another.

Multichain promotes interoperability across different networks and actualizes smooth asset and value transfers as a cross-chain architecture. In addition, Multichain also powers the seamless data or message transmission across chains by anyCall, enabling the building of cross-chain Dapps.

Multichain is the leader in the cross-chain sector, with a constantly growing family of EVM and non-EVM chains (currently 76) and deployed bridges (currently 3,000+). Multichain, working hard to push the boundary of multi-chain, envisions being the ultimate router for Web3.

About NEAR

NEAR is a high-performance blockchain building without limits. Designed to be super-fast, incredibly secure, and infinitely scalable, NEAR allows anyone to build at scale and deploy at pace. NEAR’s vision is to create a network that enables people to reimagine finance, creativity, and community in new and inclusive ways. With NEAR, blockchain mass adoption is possible.

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