Antimatter Strategic Partnership with Neblio

Published on: 07.12.2022
Antimatter Strategic Partnership with Neblio

Antimatter Strategic Partnership with Neblio, Neblio is a distributed, high performance blockchain platform built for Enterprise & Industry 4.0 applications and services. 

Neblio made a strategic investment in Antimatter and will support Antimatter with its services. The collaboration will help Neblio build DeFi ecosystems. Antimatter Labs has experience in creating products like DEX and on-chain structured products and derivatives. For example BULL&BEAR, a permissionless protocol to tokenize Perpetual Options or Antimatter Invest, a DApp built to offer its users various compact, easy-to-use and simple Structured Products in DeFi. As Antimatter announced its Strategic Partnership with Neblio.

The Partnership

With this partnership, Neblio and Antimatter Finance are combining forces to create the most innovative and secure blockchain solutions available. By leveraging the cutting-edge technology and expertise of both companies, the solutions they create will revolutionize the way businesses use blockchain technology. They believe that exchanging valuable knowledge about blockchain platforms can truly move both projects in the right direction.

What does Antimatter offers?

  • ScalabilityIncreased throughput and low transaction fees
  • Financial Infrastructure – B2 is optimized to facilitate financial DApps
  • Security – A set of community-owned validators validate transactions on the blockchain
  • Ecosystem – Powering an ecosystem of Financial applications and Web3 Consumer apps

  • High-speed Transactions – Designed for very high transaction outputs.

  • On-chain Governance – A governance system let’s B2 validator owners in the chain create new proposals and vote for them. Voting power is distributed based on the total delegated amount to the validator.

  • Data Storage – B2 serves as a data storage of our Dapps. This way user records and transactions are stored in a decentralized way and stay in sync with their multi-chain applications


About Neblio

Neblio is a distributed, high performance blockchain platform built for Enterprise & Industry 4.0 applications and services. Neblio makes blockchain simple.

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About Antimatter

Hub for decentralized on-chain financial products, such as DeFi derivatives and financial NFTs. Antimatter B2 is a low-gas BNB sidechain that facilitates Antimatter DApps. Being community-driven, innovative and simple forms the core of Antimatter.

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