Moraswap Updated Roadmap and Tokenomics

Published on: 07.12.2022
Moraswap Updated Roadmap and Tokenomics

MoraSwap, the number one decentralized exchange and launch platform built on Solana’s Neon EVM, has announced its updated Roadmap and Tokenomics.

Moraswap announced that the updated Roadmap and Tokenomics are now ready for public consumption.

What are MoraSwap thoughts?

The roadmap below is not a set timeline; rather, it is a to-do list organized by project phase. T Wehey believes that in this ever-changing market, a “fixed roadmap” would be inappropriate. They are aware, however, that a temporary timeline for each phase of the project is still required for oriented growth and project progress. They will implement the roadmap in the most appropriate way possible in order to meet Moras’ expectations, taking into account project development, market conditions, and, most importantly, feedback from the entire community.

How will the Roadmap be Updated?

Following each phase of the project, they will announce the roadmap. They will mark the completed plan (deliver the result if necessary) and update the project’s upcoming plans in each roadmap update.

Roadmap V1

Moraswap’s mainnet will be launched immediately after Neon’s mainnet which is on 12 Dec 22, it means phase 1 will be finalized and we will move forward with Phase 2: Tectonics.

Phase 1: Establish (done)

Define the objectives and planning

  • Establishment: Determine project orientation and build core team. Status: Completed.
  • Build relationship with partners. Status: Completed.
  • Develop core products: Swap, Farm, Stake & Launchpad. Status: Completed.
  • Run Beta version of Swap, Farm & Stake on Neon Devnet. Status: Completed.
  • Schedule for the official launch. Status: Completed.
  • Official lunch of Website & Documents. Status: Completed.
  • Announce Tokenomics and Roadmap. Status: Completed.
  • Build communication channels. Status: Completed.
  • Team expansion. Status: In progress.

Phase 2: Tectonics (Upcoming) — Expect: Q1.2023

Build a solid foundation and create outstanding development

  • Audit smart contracts by HashEx. Status: In progress.
  • Officially launch Swap/ Liquidity/ Farming / Staking on Neon mainnet. Status: Waiting.
  • Officially launch Governance Token — MORA. Status: Waiting.
  • Bridges. Status: Waiting.
  • Introduce first Token Release Platform: Launchpad. Status: Waiting.
  • Take place Project’s IDO event. Status: Waiting.
  • Release Multi Reward Pools. Status: Waiting.
  • Develop Partnership: Top Projects/ Media Platforms/ Influences. Status: Waiting.
  • Launch Community Program. Status: Waiting.
  • Buy back and Burn MORA. Status: Waiting.
  • Launch Other key products. Status: Waiting.
  • Airdrop & Give-away. Status: Waiting.
  • Team expansion. Status: Waiting.
  • Promotion & Marketing. Status: In progress.

Phase 2 — Tectonics will be including “traditional” steps of a DEX. We believe that to be able to build the big-scale things, it’s a must to build a solid foundation. So, we’re focusing on doing that before next phases. And we won’t talk about Phases 3 and 4 today (be updated when phase 2 is complete) but they would be developed based on following objectives:

  • The using value of Mora Token and interconnection between products
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Produce unique products that enable the competitive advantages and provide new services to users.
  • Collaboration.
  • Adapt to market movement.

About MoraSwap

MoraSwap is the leading DeFi shop servicing all your needs on Neon: Trade, Earn and Win combined with Launch Platform on the grounds of transparency, safety and innovation!

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