What Is Filecoin and How Does It Work?

Published on: 14.12.2022
What Is Filecoin and How Does It Work?

Regarding data storage, Filecoin is the decentralized provider you need. Dispersing your data across multiple servers means you no longer have to put all your eggs in one basket. Consider using Airbnb to rent out your home. Instead of sitting on all that extra disk space, why not rent it out? One of Filecoin’s goals is to facilitate this very thing.

What is Filecoin?

Using the Filecoin protocol, anyone can lease out unused data storage on their computer. Any member of the public can also purchase network storage. A massive data storage facility can be established by inviting users worldwide to participate in the network. It will be necessary to meet the rising demand as increasing systems are digitized.

The creators of this project assert that if it gains enough traction, it will surpass all other online data storage options in terms of speed and cost. And because it wouldn’t rely on a single entity, governments or other entities wouldn’t be able to stifle its file sharing.

This is because miners, who provide computational power to keep Filecoin running, are responsible for maintaining the currency secure and functional. In addition, filecoin miners are rewarded in cryptocurrency by providing customers with access to storage. In return, those who use Filecoin must pay miners to keep, access, or share their data.

The Filecoin network is built upon the Interplanetary File System, another decentralized file-handling mechanism (IPFS). There are numerous parallels between the two systems, but the key difference is that miners cannot profit from IPFS even though it is accessible to users. So while using Filecoin does cost money, it also has the potential to bring in income.

Traders and investors should know that Filecoin is one of many protocols promising a cryptocurrency-powered decentralized file-sharing and storage solution. For example, Storj and Siacoin are two competing protocols. In 2020, Storj expected its network capacity to exceed 100 PB, while Siacoin predicts it will reach 2 PB. The initial coin offering for Filecoin in 2017 raised $205.8 million, making it one of the largest investment rounds in the cryptocurrency sector.

How Does Filecoin Work?

Filecoin is a decentralized file-sharing platform similar to Dropbox. Users must pay a miner to store information on the Filecoin network. The price they pay is set by supply and demand in a free market wherein miners compete to provide the cheapest possible data storage. As a result, Filecoin predicts that decentralized data storage will become “hypercompetitive,” making it more affordable than cloud services like Amazon Web Services.

On the other hand, Miners are motivated to participate in the storage system because they can earn Filecoin tokens as a reward from the network. The more space they make available to the network, the more likely they will be rewarded for their efforts.

However, there is a cost associated with reaping these benefits. To demonstrate to the system that they are retaining the information they claim to be storing reliably over time, miners must conduct several computationally costly processes (called proofs).

If they can do this consistently and offer enough space, they will be able to mine new blocks on the Filecoin blockchain, earning both the system reward and the transaction fees.

🔸Replication and Spacetime Proof

The technology employs procedures known as proofs to ensure that all participants in a blockchain can concur on new transactions. For example, miners must provide evidence that they have performed many calculations to add new trades to the Bitcoin blockchain and claim freshly minted Bitcoin. This is known as a “proof-of-work.”

Filecoin employs a pair of novel proofs to ensure that miners are legitimately saving the information they claim to have. Using Proof-of-Replication, a miner must prove that it has committed the specified number of copies of data. Using Proof-of-Spacetime, a miner demonstrates that they have kept the data for the required time. Users can have faith in miners because of these combined proofs of possession.

🔸Filecoin Storage Markets

Filecoin employs these tools to create a storage market where users who need to store data may place bids on storage space provided by miners. Provider miners will be evaluated not just on the storage space rates but also on the consistency with which they meet those prices. Filecoin’s Storage Market Users can make offers and requests, just like on a traditional money exchange.

🔸Filecoin Mining

Users who provide storage space are the primary type of Filecoin miners. To participate in the Storage Market, one must plug in a hard drive, launch the Filecoin client, and begin selling storage space. The term “Storage Miners” describes this type of miner. However, there’s also a subset of Filecoin miners termed retrieving miners and services. Users pay these miners to retrieve information and perform services that expedite data transport, such as caching or serving as a node in a content delivery system.

Is Filecoin Crypto a Good Investment?

In addition to the ease with which Filecoins can be purchased and stored, there is a wide variety of wallets from which to choose. Do your homework or consult a financial advisor before making any significant investments. You should weigh your risk tolerance, market knowledge, the diversity of your portfolio, and the possibility of financial loss before making any decisions. Remember that you should only invest what you can manage to lose and that there is no assurance that your investment strategy will be successful in the future.

What is the future of Filecoin?

Businesses like Amazon and Google Cloud Storage make a lot of money from offering cloud storage. This reflects the high level of interest in the market. Trusting decentralized services could result in significant cost savings for consumers. This funding would have an immediate and far-reaching beneficial effect on people’s lives while simultaneously stimulating the economy by providing capital to people and small enterprises.


Cryptocurrency market analysts and the token’s technical analysis point to a bright future for Filecoin. For this reason, analysts need help predicting future coin prices, including predictions for the FIL coin.

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Defi Market Cap: $0B(-19.14%/24h)
Total Market Cap: $1046.17B(+0.03%/24h)
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