BloXroute Introduces Solana Trader API

Published on: 17.12.2022
BloXroute Introduces Solana Trader API

A global content distribution network of high-performance servers for blockchain scalability, bloXroute Labs, introduces Solana Trader API.

The platform introduces bloXroute Solana Trader API, enabling DeFi algo-traders to trade on Solana in a CEX-like API environment without running their own nodes. Solana Trader API and BDN are now available to bloXroute users for free until March 15, 2023.

Fast, Simple, and Low Maintenance Solana Algo-Trading is Now Live on bloXroute

Following the recent release of their Solana BDN, bloXroute is pleased to announce the release of their latest product, Solana Trader API — a programming interface.

It is well known that running a Solana node for trading is extremely expensive and necessitates extensive chain-specific knowledge. We have significantly reduced the barrier to trading on Solana by adding the Solana Trader API to bloXroute’s offerings. When compared to building on each project’s intricate native functions, our CEX-like (Centralized Exchange) API makes traders feel at ease.

To cover data streams of token prices, latest swaps, and orders, bloXroute collaborated with Raydium, Jupiter, Openbook (Serum community fork), and other leading projects in the Solana ecosystem. They intend to collaborate with more projects in order to expand its functionality.

They built CEX-like endpoints and made the API available through the Go SDK, Python SDK, TypeScript SDK, or HTTP API & Stream (WebSocket and gRPC) data feeds.

Free Access Period to Solana Trader API and Solana BDN

To welcome Solana traders, validators, projects, and developers to our user community, we are making access to our Solana Trader API and Solana BDN FREE for all bloXroute users from now until March 15th, 2023. To get started right away, sign up for their free introductory plan.

bloXroute Solana Trader API: First Look

You can benefit from using the Solana Trader API either with or without a node:

  • Low barrier to trade on Solana — a solid option to trade on Solana without having to build and run a node
  • Easy to use — ready-to-go API save your time to build on each Solana order book and AMM project
  • See faster, act faster, win trades— speed advantage on both market data streams and transaction execution gives you an edge to win trades

bloXroute Trader API provides a variety of endpoints that support gRPC/WebSocket streaming and HTTP calls. Here is a snapshot of the important ones:

  • Prices — fetches the current price from the supported projects. Returns the price and size for the current best bid and best ask for order book projects. Returns the price based on swapping 1 USDC for AMM projects
  • Orderbooks — returns order book details for the supported markets
  • Trades — provides latest matched trades data specified by market and user address
  • Pool Reserves — provides the reserves information specified by target tokens
  • Swaps — provides recent swap transactions specified by pool

Speed Comparison

Using API Streams enables access to the fastest data feeds. Below are the results from comparing the latency difference between two endpoints: the bloXroute Solana Trader API and regular public Solana RPC node.

Run time: 10m0s
Total updates: 3156
Faster counts:
1009 bloXroute Solana Trader API
4 public RPC node
Average difference( ms):
382ms bloXroute Solana Trader API
13ms public RPC node

The results show that ~99% of all updates were first seen from the bloXroute Solana Trader API at an average of 382 milliseconds faster than the regular p2p Solana node. With this speed advantage, bloXroute’s Solana Trader API users get to pick up opportunities in the market faster than others.

bloXroute Labs is a leading blockchain software company. They are on a mission to bring transactions and data transmission on blockchain to the next level. bloXroute’s proprietary blockchain distribution network (BDN) offers unmatched speed advantage to competitive DeFi traders and infrastructure performance improvements to DeFi service providers and projects. Over 300 trading firms run DeFi trade strategies on bloXroute’s BDN to get faster data and identify more trade opportunities combined with faster transaction propagation on the blockchain. On an average day, bloXroute users send $1.5 Billion+ transactions in value on its BDN.

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