Phi Launches on Polygon Mainnet

Published on: 21.12.2022
Phi Launches on Polygon Mainnet

Phi is excited to launch on Polygon Mainnet, the leading blockchain development platform.

Phi is now on Polygon Mainnet, Phi is the immersive social platform built on ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and on-chain/ off-chain wallet activities, enabling easy visualization of on-chain identities. It incentivizes users to interact with various Web3 protocols, which provides positive feedback to all protocols and accelerates the overall network effect of the Web3 ecosystem.

Its mission is to visualize on-chain identity and create an open and inclusive identity-proof system that takes Web3 building blocks as a basis, such as ENS domains and on-chain transactions. Its users can build their own Web3 worlds using objects to display their interaction, on-chain progress, personal taste, and social graph.

The following two components: Phi Quest ⚔️ and Phi Land 🏝

  • Phi Quest⚔️ (
  • Phi Quest is where users can explore various Quests in collaboration with various protocols, and users are rewarded with Objects by completing Quests.

Now you can try how many objects you can claim — come join us and start your journey on Phi Quest today!

For details and instructions on how to use Phi Quest, please refer to the user guide below.

  • Phi Land🏝 (
  • Phi Land is where users can create their own personalized land from their ENS domains. They can populate their land with a variety of in-game items, including Objects, Wallpapers, and Baseplates, which can be obtained through Phi Quest and the Shop.

All you need to get started is an ENS domain — come join us and build the most unique Web3 suite on Phi Land!

For details and instructions on how to use Phi Land, please refer to the user guide below.

Here’s the demo video for Phi Mainnet

As a quick user guide for Phi,

  1. Access to Phi Quest (
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Claim Quest Objects & Purchase Free/ Premium Objects, Wallpapers, Baseplates.
  4. Access to Phi Land (
  5. Connect your wallet (which has an ENS domain)
  6. Create your land from your ENS
  7. Deposit objects from your wallet to your land
  8. Build your own land by placing objects, customizing Wallpaper & Baseplates, and pasting links.
  9. Share your Phi Land on the Twitter timeline with the hashtag, #philand🏝 (You can set your Phi Land URL to your bio and your Phi Land image(1500 x 1500) as your header on Twitter)

Here’s the doc for Phi, which would be helpful for you to enjoy Phi.

Try out Phi Quest & Phi Land! 😁

If you have any feedback or report, please use the following links:

Answer User Survey:

Submit Bug Report:

Submit Feature Request:

Phi Story

Since we just started Phi in January, we have already launched our testnet products two times before:

First demo on StarkNet Goerli testnet

Second demo on Polygon Mumbai testnet

They have enjoyed seeing 34k+ lands(As of Dec 9, 2022, 34,524) minted and 1.2M+ objects claimed, each land designed uniquely, and shared on the Twitter timeline with #philand. We are very grateful to the 6,800+ people who responded to our user survey for the demo, which has been really helpful for us to improve our product.

As Phi traction;

And we’ve encouraged many on-chain activities by collaborating with Web3 protocols:

  • For Uniswap, we’ve encouraged 56,160 (=1872 * 30) times token swapping.
  • For Polygon, we’ve increased the number of token bridges from Ethereum Goerli Testnet(L1) to Polygon(Mumbai) by over 12 times.

Phi’s positive externalities exponentially swell as the number of users and engagement increases.


We always put the safety of our users first. For this official Mainnet launch, We’ve conducted a thorough security code audit of our contracts with two parties, Certik & Techfund to provide a safe experience for users. Here are detailed audit reports:

Website| Twitter:





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