Bitbond Adds Support for Fantom Blockchain

Published on: 28.12.2022
Bitbond Adds Support for Fantom Blockchain

Bitbond Adds Support for Fantom Blockchain, Bitbond is a Berlin based financial technology company with a focus on asset tokenization and digital assets.

The leading tokenization Web3 app Bitbond Token Tool added support for the Fantom blockchain. Token Tool lets users create ERC20 tokens, NFTs, token sales and manage many other token functions in a convenient way. Users don’t have to write their own smart contracts but can configure everything via the Token Tool user interface. As Bitbond Adds Support for Fantom Blockchain.

The smart contracts that Token Tool uses have been audited by CertiK earlier this year. This way users don’t need a separate audit on the tokens they create via Token Tool.

The Integration

Bitbond now started working together with the Fantom Foundation and added full support for the Fantom blockchain on its Token Tool product.

Fantom is a high-performance, single-state, and EVM-compatible blockchain designed to simultaneously process many transactions without compromising on security. The blockchain continuously ranks among the top 10 largest chains by total value locked in DeFi applications according to DefiLlama.

This shows that Fantom has an active DeFi community and user base. The support of Fantom in Token Tool will facilitate the creation of tokens and NFTs in the Fantom ecosystem further.

Token Tool includes a portfolio tracker feature which now also allows to keep track of tokens a user owns on the Fantom chain.


About Fantom

Fantom (FTM) is a smart contract platform for digital assets and DApps designed to overcome the limitations of the previous-generation blockchain networks facing the blockchain “trilemma.” The platform can execute multiple blocks simultaneously using its unique asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance consensus algorithm. FTM is the native utility PoS token of Fantom powering the ecosystem.

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About Bitbond

Bitbond is a Berlin based financial technology company with a focus on asset tokenization and digital assets. They conducted the first Security Token Offering (STO) in Germany with a securities prospectus approved by BaFin in 2019. Bitbond works mainly with banks and other financial intermediaries in the areas of tokenization and custody of digital assets based on blockchain technology. Bitbond’s tokenization product Token Tool allows its users to create and manage tokens on leading EVM blockchains in a convenient way without the need of coding own smart contracts. Token Tool has been successfully audited by CertiK.

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