Partnership with Quai Network

Published on: 12.01.2023 Partnership with Quai Network, a mobile-first financial platform, has announced a long-term strategic partnership with Quai Network, a Proof-of-Work Layer 1 blockchain network that provides a multithreaded solution to ensure increased network capacity and seamless, high-speed transactions. partnership with Quai Network to facilitate faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions for Global Retail Investors.


Quai Network achieves infinite scalability by utilizing Proof-Of-Work 2.0, merged mining, and sharding. When these technologies work together, they create a highly decentralized and open-source platform that provides unparalleled network security and speed.

Indeed, the collaboration with Quai will aid in the acceleration, security, and stability of all on-chain transactions on the Structure platform.’s intuitive, user-friendly, platform gives investors of all experience levels the ability to invest, earn interest, borrow, lend, and complete peer-to-peer transactions with both traditional and digital financial assets. The app, which is currently being used by investors around the world, launched initially in El Salvador in conjunction with the Salvadoran government and has continued its growth across Latin America.

Notably, it simplifies investing in both crypto and traditional assets by enabling users to execute trades across chains, markets, and asset classes on one platform, which in the past would have required a series of complex executions across multiple platforms.

Management Quote

“ is committed to utilizing cutting edge technology that enables the expansion of financial access around the world,” said President and co-founder Bryan Hernandez. “Quai Network’s secure, decentralized, solutions will help’s users access global financial markets without barriers.”

Additionally, will list Quai Network’s native token, QUAI, in the coming months, allowing users visibility and access to the Quai ecosystem.

“We believe in’s mission to make financial tools as easy as possible to access,” said Alan Orwick, co-founder of Quai Network. “By listing QUAI on the Structure platform, we are opening the door for investors that may be new to blockchain technology to participate in the highly optimized digital economy that Quai Network is creating.”

About Quai Network

Quai Network is a decentralized Layer 1 network of blockchains that scales to global commerce. By interweaving innovative technologies like merge mining and sharding, Quai has coined “Proof-of-Work 2.0” – a new, multithreaded approach to blockchain architecture. Although, as an EVM-compatible network, Quai will support payments, decentralized applications, NFTs, and smart contracts in a permanently secure and low-fee environment.

Quai Network is approaching its 3rd public Testnet, the Iron Age, which will enable users to engage with and test the network in exchange for Quai tokens. However, with opportunities for miners to earn Quai for mining blocks, and grants available for developers & builders, Quai’s upcoming Testnet will offer incentives for a variety of different contributions.

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About is a global financial platform that opens the door for mainstream investors to seamlessly participate in the DeFi, Crypto and traditional markets without the traditional educational and financial barriers. Guided by the principles of DeFi, will allow investors of all experience levels to quickly and simply trade assets on an easy-to-use, secure platform and eventually to earn, borrow and lend. Offering 24/7 access, hands-on support and seamless transaction’s consumer-first approach brings accessibility and simplicity to the complex financial worlds of DeFi and Crypto

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