Announcing Hacken Public Beta

Published on: 25.01.2023
Announcing Hacken Public Beta

Announcing Hacken Public Beta for its new solution – Hacken Extractor. Hacken has created Hacken Extractor – an on-chain smart contract monitoring system.

Today, they have launched a public beta and invite all Web3 projects interested in security to join. Smart contract monitoring is a post-deployment Web3 security system that tracks smart contracts’ status and activity. This includes real-time monitoring of code execution, transactions, interactions with blocked addresses, contract upgrades, and ownership.

Its purpose is to provide security after you deploy a smart contract to the blockchain.

Audit vs. Monitoring

Smart contract audit is the most robust security solution for the development phase and contract upgrades. The audit helps create a decentralized app without code vulnerabilities and performance errors.

Once a contract is deployed to the blockchain, you need a different tool to stay secure. Ongoing monitoring systems give you control over security in the post-deployment phase.

Who requires Smart Contract Monitoring?

Any decentralized application would benefit from on-chain monitoring, especially projects with dozens or hundreds of contracts in their codebase.

Web3 projects in DeFi, gaming, voting, ID, infrastructure, and NFT all use smart contracts to automate state transitions and govern transfers. Live monitoring will increase the safety and reliability of these functions.

How to start? 

It’s simple – Join Hacken Extractor

Hacken Extractor

Hacken Extractor is an on-chain smart contract monitoring system aiming to provide you with the following functionality:

  • Detect threats and anomalies. You’ll get an alert when Extractor detects attack signs or other suspicious activity.
  • React to sudden liquidity drops. Be confident that sudden drops in your project’s liquidity don’t happen right now.
  • Control contract ownership. Get warned of any unauthorized project ownership change.

The beta program already monitors and alerts the following events:

  • ownership transfers
  • contract upgrades
  • exceeding transaction thresholds
  •  interaction with blocked/allowed addresses

You can configure an unlimited number of event triggers and set alert preferences based on severity. This year, more functionality will make Extractor the most powerful solution for post-deployment security.

ABOUT Hacken

Hacken is a cybersecurity auditor born in 2017 with a vision of transforming Web3 into a safer place. With 5+ years of experience, hundreds of blockchain partners, and thousands of secured crypto projects, Hacken protects technological businesses and crypto communities worldwide with the most competitive suite of professional cybersecurity services.

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