OpiPets Strategic Partnership with IQ Protocol

Published on: 25.02.2023
OpiPets Strategic Partnership with IQ Protocol

OpiPets,  a free, P-&-E game reshaping player-owned economies, announced this new partnership with IQ Protocol, a universal solution for renting digital assets.

This partnership provides OpiPets players with exclusive access to IQ Protocol collateral-free and risk-free NFT rental marketplace.

Opipets announced its partnership with IQ Protocol, a universal solution for renting digital assets, which provides the player base with exclusive access to a cutting-edge, collateral-free, and risk-free NFT rental marketplace.

How will all of this work?

Rather than allowing your unused OpiPets NFTs and in-game assets to go unused and accumulate dust, why not leverage them to generate a source of passive income while offering unique advantages to other players? Moreover, through the IQ Protocol NFT Rental Marketplace, players will have the ability to rent out their rare weapons, NFTs, and other in-game assets.

In addition, IQ Protocol’s objective is to transform the possibilities of Web3 communities by introducing fresh revenue streams.  They have prioritized the owners of NFTs and assets, devising a secure rental and borrowing platform for digital assets. Their lending system safeguards the users’ digital assets by having IQ Protocol hold onto the original asset while issuing an expirable version for the borrower to use. This approach ensures that transfers of these digital assets are risk-free and secure while guaranteeing that the original asset can always be returned to its owner.

Introduction to IQ Protocol

Furthermore, IQ Protocol is an innovative platform that facilitates peer-to-peer renting of NFTs and fungible tokens. Additionally, digital asset owners can generate passive income through risk-free lending of their NFTs and fungible tokens, allowing renters to access these assets and their functionalities for a specified duration.

IQ Protocol is a versatile rental solution for digital assets, with a vision to revolutionize the Web3 gaming industry. Both game studios and creators can capitalize on their in-game assets to enhance revenue streams, incentivize players, and draw in new audiences. Furthermore, this inclusive approach makes in-game assets available to the entire player base, promotes interest and engagement in the game, and enables players to lend, rent, and generate profits from each other.

About OpiPets

OpiPets is an innovative free-to-play Play-&-Earn game that operates on an economy-based role-playing model where customization is paramount. With over 60 individually hand-drawn characters and thousands of cosmetic and battle items, players can challenge friends, defeat enemies, accomplish missions, explore the vast world, and buy, trade, and sell items to amass wealth in the Opiverse.

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About IQ Protocol

IQ Protocol allows users to unlock the full utility of scarce digital assets at a fraction of the purchasing cost, completely redefining on-chain ownership and usage. IQ is creating a more inclusive and decentralized p2p market, where anyone can enjoy the benefits of Web3 assets.

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