Mirror World and Polygon Strategic Collaboration

Published on: 20.03.2023
Mirror World and Polygon Strategic Collaboration

Mirror World and Polygon are excited to announce their strategic collaboration, aimed at revolutionizing the Web3 infrastructure landscape.

Mirror World and Polygon will leverage their respective strengths to provide the first all-in-one solution for Polygon ecosystem projects. Integrating everything from sign-up to in-app purchases faster and maximising revenue with a better user experience.

Mirror World’s Smart Platform, with its vast array of features and ease of integration. Will provide Polygon’s ecosystem projects with the necessary development tools. To help them create, grow and monetize their blockchain applications at ease. They all believe that Polygon will be one of the next entry points into the crypto world for a billion users. And its mission is to use its Smart Platform to help make it easier for more users to embrace this new technology.


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Mirror World’s Smart Platform offers a range of products including a Smart Marketplace, Smart NFT Management, Smart Auth, and Smart Wallet, all designed to make it easy for developers to build their Web3 projects. The Platform will also support multiple major blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB, SUI and more.
will be attending the Game Developers Conference from (GDC) March 20, 2023 to March 24, 20233.
“Developers can now more freely launch their blockchain applications and acquire and convert users. At the end of the day, studios and protocols need to generate revenue with real users instead of hyping up a triple digit user number,” Said Jonas Bakebwa, the CTO of Mirror World.

About Smart Platform by Mirror World

Mirror World, the first all-in-one Web3 application development platform backed by Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto and more, debuted an all-in-one development platform for forward-thinking blockchain projects to reimagine app development.
Smart Platform is the first all-in-one application development platform that helps developers deploy, grow and monetize their blockchain applications.
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